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Dixie Maria Carlton has been indulging her passion for fascinating conversations with random people since she could talk.  Hospital waiting rooms were a regular source of inspiration and people always far more interesting than the toys in the corner.  A slightly precocious red headed toddler grew into a curious and sometimes outspoken adult who continues to talk with people about deep and meaningful things.  Standing in line at the bank, elevators, and waiting rooms are all great places to meet people – and here’s where some extraordinary friendships and connections have been made.

Dixie spends her life talking with people and sharing stories.   Now – her books are focused on those stories, and how to share them so that they mean something to those who get to read them.

A desire to help, communicate better, and freedom to explore deeply the things that are meaningful drive the creative writer.   These are the values that make up the woman who is known for building connections among others.  The curious child within is the driving force behind the endless questions and yearning to understand and share the wisdom learned.

A career therefore spent talking, writing, learning, and sharing is the result.  The author, speaker, and coach with a million questions still to be asked of the world, and a million ways to view the answers given – that is Dixie Maria Carlton.


Come join the conversations:

Let’s talk about Sex – in particular, That Sex Book.  This is Dixie’s latest Non-Fiction book, due for release in late 2018, and focuses on what is going on for many of us in our 50+ years. Also referred to as ‘The Third Act’.   The time when we are empty nesting, menopausal, facing retirement, enduring our second or even third round of falling in love – sometimes with the same person we’ve been with for decades, and sometimes in completely new relationships.  We atttend more funerals, more weddings and 21sts for our friends children, and maybe visit the doctor more.  We have learned how fragile life can be, how things can often be refreshed with a new coat of paint or wiped clean with soapy water; and we’ve learned how much fun we can truly have in and out of the bedroom.  This new level of freedom is to be celebrated, reverred, and also not to be taken for granted.

That Sex Book is due for release in Kindle format in September 2018, and advance chapters are available here:  That Sex Book Sample Chapters


How to write a book:

Dixie is also the founding editor and specialist publishing coach for Author-ity Authors.  This is a dedicated service for Non-Fiction authors who wish to self publish their own books so that they look and perform significantly better than most self published books on the market. Authority Authors are typically performing exceptionally well on Amazon, and are speaking/writing/transforming their worlds with wisdom, experience and expertise shared from stages, pages, and websites worldwide.

You can also access Dixie’s online publishing and writing program via the linked image on the right.