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Censorship and Political Correctness Goes Mad

What About Keywords that Aren’t Allowed It’s been a fascinating journey pulling together That Sex Book and the relevant marketing and social media that is going into the launch planning phase of such a project.  In particular, the use of Keywords, which is such an important part of marketing, has highlighted the strangulated view we […]

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What Do Women Really Want?

What do women really want? This is a question that has been joked about, aired in all kinds of forums, and even TV shows and movies have been written about what women want, starring the likes of Mel Gibson.   Well, why is it such a big deal?  Why don’t men know what women want?  And […]

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What to do when it’s just too hard to do it!

So many puns in that heading right?  That’s a deliberate play on words to make light of a very difficult and incredibly common problem for couples and singles all over the world.   When it’s too hard to find your horizontal happiness due to any number of things, including: Visting house guests  (especially inlaws!) Older Kids […]

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When they won’t talk back!

Communication is never easy, especially when it’s necessary.  And if the person (or people) you are trying hardest to communicate with simply won’t respond, it’s even harder still.   When they won’t talk back, it’s a no win situation, and can often leave you with just no place to go.    So what are you left […]

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The Myth of Happy Ever After

‘Once upon a time…’ Sorry, I know that might have gottten you all excited with that opening story line, but here’s the bad news… Happy Ever After Does not exist.  It’s a falacy.  You live, you die and if you’re lucky, you have a reasonably good life in the middle. Well that’s how many people […]

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Sense and Sensibilities

A few years ago, a movie was released called Sense and Sensibility – about a couple of dippy 18th century sisters facing financial ruin.  The tale of them and their suitors was a popular book by Emily Bronte and was considered to be quite ‘out there’ when first published. Sexual appropriation has become far more […]

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