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The Relationship Equation

Some of our best thoughts come when we’re doing mundane things don’t they? I was busy just shampooing my hair today, loving the fragrance and feel of the new brand I just started using, when the concept of happiness and all it’s critical components bounced into my mind.  I reflected on the simply fact that […]

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Just How Do You Get Ready to Start Dating Again?

Lorraine is single, after leaving Bryce 18 months ago. They’d been married for nearly 25 years, and most of that time they’d been more or less happy, discounting the many times he ignored her but happily commented on the way someone else’s wife had made herself look good lately, or joking about getting one over […]

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Hitting Your Mid-Life Stride

One of the most challenging things about aging…. well actually there are just so many, how can we really start with just one?   Everyone I talk to who is either over 50 or about to hit that magic number is in one of two camps.   Either they’re terrified, because suddenly ‘middle age’ is reached and […]

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Disconnecting From Intimacy

I write for both singles and couples, and this is one area I get called on a lot to have conversations about… so, I’m putting it out there at the start of this blog that this is not an issue affecting mostly men, or mostly women, or only singles, or only couples.  It’s perhaps one […]

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Censorship and Political Correctness Goes Mad

What About Keywords that Aren’t Allowed It’s been a fascinating journey pulling together That Sex Book and the relevant marketing and social media that is going into the launch planning phase of such a project.  In particular, the use of Keywords, which is such an important part of marketing, has highlighted the strangulated view we […]

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What Do Women Really Want?

What do women really want? This is a question that has been joked about, aired in all kinds of forums, and even TV shows and movies have been written about what women want, starring the likes of Mel Gibson.   Well, why is it such a big deal?  Why don’t men know what women want?  And […]

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