I’ve Something to Say About The Current Mess of American Politics

I’ve got something to say. It’s about the media.   And it’s not pretty… in fact I’m going to use some colourful words.

This morning I watched an interview with a Republican candidate in the USA, discussing his personal disgust over Donald Trump’s actions and attitudes and how that not only makes him feel about Trump, leadership, presidency responsibility etc, but how it may affect his  ability to support his proposed own party leader.   He made a great statement towards the end of the interview about the media’s responsibility for what I’d like to call the ‘Current Mess of American Politics’ or CMAP for short.

You see what Senator Rubio has said is basically that while he has been campaigning for a few months now, making policy speeches etc, the media have all but ignored him until he finally decided to be open about his views on Trump and suddenly he’s headlining everywhere because the media see this as good for ratings.

And it’s true.  The only real news we’re even getting outside the USA on social media (and mainstream to a high degree too) is ‘what Trump is doing/saying now’, or ‘who’s saying stuff about Trump’.    So what does that tell us about the actual presidential race?  How is this serving the world population who actually want to know what’s really going on?  How’s Hilary doing?  Who’s her running mate again?  What’s Obama up to?

I also went to see the movie Spotlight a few weeks ago, and saw a representation of how real journalists identified, tracked down, and presented a story of human interest in Boston based on the Catholic Church’s cover up of Pedophile priests.   It’s a marked difference to the kind of dumbass journalist crap we get served up to us on a regular basis in this decade.  I wonder how die-hard investigative reporters are viewing this frenzied media ‘Trump Circus’.

How is it that we have allowed journalists to only portray the news that is sensationalized, delivered in bullet points and abbreviated headlines?  Why are we not calling to account the people who are charged with ensuring we know what’s really going on?

Being a journalist was (and I believe for many it still is) an honorable profession.  We globally allow (and encourage) our reporters to go places, talk to people, and learn about things including war, suffering, controversial information first hand, under a passage of safety (behind enemy lines) to ensure we are well informed and therefore able to make wise decisions. This has been the way of things for at least 10 decades.  We could trust journalists to tell it the way it is.  To ensure we could trust them and their view point or news facts, they are honour-bound to protect their sources, and to tell the truth.

What happened?

Why is Kim Kardashian’s body image of greater importance than breast feeding rights for mothers in public? Why is Donald Trump winning on popularity via the media over Ted Cruz?  You only have to turn on the TV and see Saturday Night Live, and John Oliver slamming the current politcal arena to see there’s a real problem looming.   But why are we so caught up in this junk-media and ignoring the real stories of refuges, war, missing children, violence in homes, poverty, and people who are actively doing something about these issues everywhere.

And most of all, why is it that with so much growing concern over the possibility of Donald Trump actually becoming the President of the USA, despite such blatant controversy and even warnings from his own party’s senator Rubio, why are we not seeing real journalists joining the fight for our rights to experience ‘real news’ and even draw comparisons over what’s happening in the USA and other countries in the past who have voted in village idiots and narcissists to head offices and the subsequent disasters that’s lead to.   Remember a guy called Adolf Hitler – a great orator who mocked, provoked the anger of the people into agreeing with his views and policies for change.

In my view – and I’m not a journalist, only an opinionated blogger – our media have fallen short of expectations in terms of quality news sharing for a long time now.  It’s time we the masses stopped allowing this to happen simply because news editors are under pressure to get ratings up, so that the profitablity is up for media moguls and shareholders.  Because really that is what it comes down to isn’t it!?

You decide!

What kind of world do you want to live in in 10 years from now?  Because the media will be ultimately responsible for the shape of things to come.


About the Author

Dixie Maria Carlton is a dedicated 'Word Witch' curating conversations, connections, and confidence through her special ability to write, speak, and inspire. She is an author of business books, motivational and inspirational books, as well as historical and contemporary romance, speaks around the world, and loves to laugh, puppies, and great movies!