Excerpt – Beyond the Shadows

My second novel – Beyond the Shadows is one I’m particularly excited about, as the story took me on lots of twists and turns, some of them quite unexpected.

As I wrote, the story developed and even I didn’t really know what was going to happen next at times.   This is due for release in late  2014, and I hope you enjoy the excerpts I plan to tease you with until then.

First, let me introduce you to Penny – who lives in Australia, aged 40-ish, a copy writer, and single mum; ,and Erik – who lives in Holland, but works traveling all over the world in a technical company he owns.  They  meet at the very end of a convention, and become friends…

To read some excerpts about this book, please review the posts below here.  But to reserve your copy today for release date on 24th December – CLICK HERE NOW

This book has a delightful combination of romance between 40+ year olds who both live on opposite sides of the world to each other; it has mystery, intrigue, drama, and let’s not forget some excellent sex and chemistry between the two key characters.  Ooh – just what you really want to read for Christmas/Summer holidays.



As she went through the door in front of him, he touched
her back trying to be as natural as possible about it, all the
while dying to extend the gesture. If she noticed she didn’t give
any indication at all, and pushed the button for the lift which
opened immediately.
As they both entered the tiny cubicle, he felt himself start
to sweat under his shirt, as he stood beside her desperately
trying to ignore his growing need to throw her against the
wall and have her surrender to his aching desire. She appeared
to be totally unaware of the thoughts raging in his mind and
the blood boiling through his body as the doors parted a few
moments later. She left saying a cheery ‘good night’ and he
was alone.


Penny was entranced watching the couple. I want to be like
them one day, she thought to herself. She turned her attention
back to Erik conscious of him standing beside her wearing
only a pair of swimming shorts. She didn’t wish to appear too
curious, and was glad of her sunglasses hiding her eyes as she
took in his pale chest covered in greying hair, thick around his
chest and nipples but sparse on his belly and shoulders. She
thought he was in pretty good shape for someone aged in his
50s, and allowed herself to drop her gaze to his legs and travel
up to his shorts. ‘Mmmn… what does the rest looks like,’ she


Helena watched from the shadows as Erik leaned over the
balcony, staring out to sea. She knew he would be surprised to
know she was there, and probably none too pleased either, so
she kept her presence as quiet as possible. There was no sign
at all that he knew he was being observed, so she relaxed and
just enjoyed looking over his firm bottom, broad shoulders
and strong arms. She remembered being held by those arms
through nights of endless passion and sighed inwardly. Ah
those days were magical… they were in young, in love, and
believed they were bullet proof.
He straightened up, looked around and frowned… she held
still and waited. He shrugged and smiled to himself shaking
his head slightly as he re-entered the building.


He’d been struck by her beautiful smile which reminded him of Julia Roberts – not that she looked like the movie star at all, apart from the stunning thick red hair, but Penny’s smile took up her whole face and reached her eyes fully.   He was entranced and when the event was officially over 30 minutes later, he sought her out to talk with further, only to find she was moments away from getting into a taxi to the airport.

“Hello, um, I hope you had a lovely time here in Las Vegas” he offered, aware that two other people were also waiting to speak with her as she was leaving.

“Oh Erik, yes thank you it was lovely.  It’s such a shame I didn’t book to stay for longer”.

“Well perhaps next time you are attending this convention we can meet up…“ he mentally kicked himself as it became aware that this was something she was likely to have heard 100 times already that day.  “Let me give you my card, perhaps we can keep in touch.  I’d like to know more about what you do”.  He held out the card and she took it, quickly giving him one of her own in return.

“Thanks that would be great, I’ll Skype you.” She smiled again and he felt the rest of the room disappear as he became lost in that smile.  Then they hugged, and she was gone.

Now, two years later, he was about to meet her again in Italy – he was definitely nervous as he pushed the button for the ground floor.

He was taller than she remembered, but strong and solid looking.  A little extra weight around his middle, but not so that his buttons were strained on his checked shirt.  In fact, the weight sat well on him she decided.  His face was clean shaven, generous lips smiled in greeting and his blue eyes crinkled under well-trimmed dark eyebrows.  Salt and pepper wavy hair and a healthy tan, he was, she decided, quite lovely!

They held out hands, then laughed and touched cheeks in that Italian way that demanded both sides of the face should be acknowledged in the greeting, only to miss slightly and he ended up kissing the side of her mouth instead.  He pulled back slightly embarrassed at the faux pas, and they both laughed at their mutual clumsiness.


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