Ignite Your Passion

This is a very special retreat, for 50-75 Year olds who want to explore who they are, needs, wants, and desires, and how to articulate this to their partners.

Imagine stealing away, for five nights to a special tropical place, where you can fully engage with the real you.  A small group of people who are all focused on what they really want from their relationships, but also from themselves.  How to handle the harder conversations that sometimes prevent closer levels of intimacy and enjoyment of each other. 

For Singles:

Connect with like minded singles, who also want to learn more about what they really want either in a new partner, or as an ongoing single person.   If another shot at happy ever after comes along that’s great, but if not, well how can you begin to fully nurture yourself and what can you do to either attract a great partner, or learn to love yourself fully first.

Each morning starts with a meditation on the beach, followed by yoga, a healthy long breakfast, filled with conversation designed to stimulate the senses and arrest the limiting beliefs you may have developed around sex, sensuality, intimacy, and many other things relative to this area of our lives.

From 10-12.30 a workshop – each day focusing on different things including:

  • Personality Profiling – knowing yourself fully, how your personality type works in all kinds of relationships
  • Needs, Values Analysis – more discovery of who you are and what makes you tick – how that matters in a relationship of any kind.
  • Artful Questioning – how to get more out of what you want, who from (incuding friends and family) and what a partner or personal relationship really means to you.
  • Love Languages – what works for you and what you need to know about getting your needs met, from all those you interract with closely.
  • Identifying the kind of future you want, including what kind of mate, lover(s), or single life you can design and enjoy.

Lunch, followed by siesta, or time out to just relax and review the morning’s session. 

3pm – resume workshop time focusing on?

  • Horizontal Happiness – Spicing up your love life.
  • Massage techniques
  • Image/style workshop – A frank discussion about Online Dating
  • Glamor Day: Makeovers and Makeups – fun times!

5pm  break and meet up again for dinner, conversation, and thought provoking fun – maybe even a board game or two.

For Couples:

This is a variation of the Singles Sessions, but with the following inclusions:

  • Boy Talk Time:  learning to express your wants, needs, desires, and how to better articulate this to your partner.
  • Gut Feelings – learning to trust and listen to your intuition.  This is an outdoor event with courage, determination, and self direction being focused on – getting to know yourself better through your strengths.

Each person leaving the retreat will go with deeper insights into what they personally want, need, value, fear, desire, both in and out of the bedroom.   They’ll learn how to get physical nurturing outside of a relationship, some of the extra tools and tactics for how to achieve more intimacy, spice, fun, and enjoyment within a relationship.

Extra Information: 

  • If you wish to stay on for an extra few days at the resort that is able to be arranged for a special rate.
  • Retreat is limited to 8 people.
  • Prior to the retreat, Disc Profiles will be completed for each applicant, as well as other questionnaires, and advance workshop materials shared.  Terms and Conditions Apply.
  • Please complete the Registration of Interest form for further details including dates, prices, and bonuses.
  • The Singles Retreats are scheduled for March and September 2019
  • The Couples Retreat are scheduled for April and September 2019

Bookings are on a first come basis and deposits are required to reserve your place.

Payment plans are also available – but first, let’s get you some more information.  Simply complete the form below and we’ll get right on it and send you more about what you need to know, that’s relevant to you.