Now on Kindle

Margaret is now on Kindle – which is exciting for me as an author, but also great for you the readers, as the affordability of books, as well as their easy portability is even greater with Kindle.    One of the things I personally love about Kindle is the ability to read at night, on my iPad, without the light on.   And being able to easily increase the font, not to mention bookmarking sections is a reader’s dream come true.

A lovely friend of mine is also such a big fan of books, and Kindle, that she’s created a wonderful website:  KD Forsman (Karen) has created this great site to share her love of books, and books she’s loved with everyone, and it’s really good. Please take a minute and check it out.  

As I’ve mentioned before, book reviews are an author’s very best friend – they help fuel the fires of inspiration when you are writing, and build confidence in the stories you wish to share.   Most of all, they are the applause that is otherwise reserved for performers on a stage.  The writer’s stage is in the pages between the covers of a book.   That is where we perform as we share our creative ability to inspire emotions, ideas, action.

So – if you haven’t already done so, please remember to review my book Margaret.

And if you are still deciding on reading it, then you’ll be delighted to find it’s on Kindle, and enjoying a Special Kindle Launch Price of only $3.71 (US) until the end of April.


About the Author

Dixie Maria Carlton is a dedicated 'Word Witch' curating conversations, connections, and confidence through her special ability to write, speak, and inspire. She is an author of business books, motivational and inspirational books, as well as historical and contemporary romance, speaks around the world, and loves to laugh, puppies, and great movies!