Let’s (Change How We) Talk About Sex… Baby!

BUT it’s not really just about Sex… it’s also about intimacy, sensuality, horizontal happiness.

You see, somewhere in the last few decades, sex started to mean ‘penetration’.  The word is synonymous also with all the stuff that’s not good and pleasurable about intimate sides of our relationships.   So let’s put the love back into love making, and the sex into sexuality, and some of the other senses back into sensuality.

First, let’s figure out what we’re all about.

Or ….You can Access a sample chapter of That Sex Book HERE:

Some of the Survey’s that we’ve run about Sex after 50

We ran a survey asking 40+ year olds to let us know their thoughts about these things, and the results were fascinating.   You may be interested to know that: 

  • More than 50 % of respondents are enjoying sex more than once a week.
  • Overall more than 75% overall were satisfied with their sex lives, including 30% who said there was not much room for improvement.
  • 21% prefer sex in the morning, 26% prefer sex in the evening, and a whopping 48% love it anywhere, anytime.

What We’re Into:

  • 70% like Erotic Massage
  • 27% like Dress ups or role play
  • 20% like tantric sex,
  • 38% like watching or reading porn togethere
  • Only 22% think of themselves as NOT very playful, and 24% would like to spice things up a bit
  • 37% use toys as part of their sexual fun togehter
  • 13% of respondents like to indulge in phone or skype or text sex to keep things interesting in their relationship.

The Survey is 100% anonymous, and takes only 2-3 minutes.  It asks questions like  what you like, don’t like, wish you knew more about, and also a little about your current status as a single or couple.   It is for 40 Plus year olds, and both men, women regardless of sexual orientation.

Your input is valued. THANK YOU!