Everyone's talking about 'That' Sex Book! Find out how to Maximize Your Horizontal Happiness after 50! 

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So much to TALK about...

This book is NOT just about sex... but about how to create and enjoy more intimacy as a result of better conversations and increased depth in your relationships after 50.   

What's everyone doing in the bedroom?  Discover what Horizontal Happiness means in The Third Act!

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    Revealed: What's sexy, what's sensuous and how can you get more of both with or without a partner?
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    Enjoy a better relationship with more confidence from identifing and articulating your own wants, needs, desires and fears.
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    Have a great laugh about what's common to all of us - and I bet you learn a few things too! 

This book will excite you:


Learn new ways for old tricks

How can you learn to ask for exactly what you want and need both in and out of bed?  Maybe you're ready to explore more... so what does that mean exactly?


How to find that great mate!

Online dating is bloody hard work - so how can you navigate the terrain and get more?


More satisfaction - always!

Do you know where your G-Spot is?  Want to know more about Oral Sex and how to spice things up?  You're in the right place! 


And it's not just about SEX!

How do you start to have those really hard conversations - about what you like, don't like and are challenged by?  Try this! 

What they're saying about The TABOO Conversations:

A fun read, with some thought-provoking moments as well

Dixie Carlton has done a great job examining the facts, fiction and fun surrounding sex for over fifties.  Certainly, good food for thought for anyone over fifty or even approaching that magic number.

Lindsay Adams  //  Author, Speaker, The Relationships GuyTM

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Dixie's Book is Dynamic! 

Like a bomb under the bed - read this and you'll be inspired to change a few things, explore some fun stuff, and connect even more deeply with your partner, in and out of bed!  

Tania R  //  Accountant

Photo by Oziel Gómez on Unsplash

It's made a big difference!

Being able to talk more about intimacy and all it's unique parts has made it easier to get to a better level of intimacy with my new partner.  It's like it's become a part of the natural conversation rather than something I have to think about.   

Joanne H  //  Business Analyst


Do you want more from your relationship?  Get more, enjoy deeper connections and thrive in your relationship - no matter how mature it is or how young you are. 

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