Dixie has been igniting and curating conversations with random strangers since she was a very small precocious red headed baby. She has no fear of striking up a conversation with anyone, anytime, anywhere, learning new things from people she meets and asking tough questions.

As a coach, trained by Coach U/Coach Inc back in the early ’00s’ she honed those skills further (than a few decades of sales and marketing had enabled her to do) in the art of conversation and turned her attention to writing books.  This led to working with dozens of authors of Non-Fiction books, worldwide, in one of the first Australasian collaborative publishing companies, Maruki Books Ltd.  In 2012 she then movedto Australia, and evolved that company into Author-ity Authors., a dedicated publishing coaching service for Game Changers, Thought Leaders, and Passionate Industry Experts.

Dixie loves to talk, learn, share, and make connections  and has turned that into a dynamic career path, helping others to also share their own stories effectively to change the world, one story at a time!

Her latest book – That Sex Book – is the first in a series that is aimed at tackling the conversations we need to have more of.  The next in the series tackles the issues of Death and the kind of conversations we have, and don’t have about this. (That Death Book is due for release in mid 2019).


The Magic of the ‘Word Witch’…

The Image of Dixie standing strong with a story book erupting in flames, as a small white origami bird takes flight….

The story book represents the fact that everyone has a story – something that has brought them to this place, this time, with this knowledge and wisdom to share.   The white dove of peace is represented by a white origami bird … the words of the story rising up to take flight from the pages of our past, to bring meaning to our future.

Dixie is a writer, wordsmith, provoker of thought and sharer of wisdom.  She is also  the curator of conversations that have meaning and depth, with countless people from all walks of life, histories, genders, and cultures.   As such she can help take a story from anyone, and help them find the meaning, and bring that to life for the benefit of those who are meant to share in that story.   Whether student, mentor, teacher, or artist.  Each story is what is derived from all our journeys – how we choose to perceive our own stories is part of what brings us into the light.

“When we stand in our power – we light up dark corners”

The light we shine from the torch we hold, and as such we are often only able to use that light to see a little way ahead – not to foresee the entire journey.    But what can your light make in those dark corners and what will that mean to someone else?


Let’s explore that….




Dixie Maria Carlton is an award winning business person, author, speaker, who also works with and develops high calibre, award winning  and high performing clients.

Recent Recommendations:

“Wow. Maria had the ability to spot what I had and to advise me how to work with those talents and begin to create a world beating brand. Exceptionally gifted as well as a get things done person”.  Derek MIlls, International Author: StandardsRevolution™ Creator. Inspirational Speaker.

Dixie was a member of the Leadership Roundtable of Differencemakers community and therefore I interacted with her on a regular basis. If you want to be famous I know of no one better than Dixie to help you. She is a master at being able to see the big picture yet to be reality and the detail of how to turn the dream into reality and she can do this at the same time which is an awesome talent. Dixie is just the person for you if you are known in your market however you don’t yet own it. Ian Berry, CSP, FIAM, International author and business specialist

“In a world where success depends on expertise, marketing and the size of your network, Dixie is a master at showing you how to find the right combination for your business. She’s smart, passionate, experienced and highly qualified to assist experts navigate the path from idea to authority.” Gihan Perera, Owner, First Step

“Dixie has provided personal coaching to assist my presentation skills, particularly speaking engagements in front of groups. I’m so pleased to report that I gave my first presentation today since working with Dixie, and successfully delivered our message without a hitch… AND my audience remained ‘awake’ and engaged the entire time! Thanks Dixie, you are a fantastic coach, and I look forward to continued learning and personal development, you’ve provided real value.”  Karen Huckstep, Independant Verification Services

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  • One of the Top 50 Mentors (in the world) – Mission Marketing Mentors, USA, 2003
  • Author of the Year – National Speakers Association NZ 2004
  • Finalist (2x cat) in the David Small Business Awards, NZ 2008
  • Business Person of the Year – National Speakers Association NZ (Auckland), 2008
  • Business Person of the Year – National Speakers Association NZ 2011

Positions Held:

  • GSF – Chief Editor & Communications Manager (2011)
  • National Board Member NSANZ (2006)
  • National President NSANZ (2005)
  • NSANZ – Chapter President (2004)
  • APPA -NZ National Board Member (1998-99)

Countries where I’ve presented professionally
NZ, Cook Islands, Australia, USA, UK

Books written or co-authored by Dixie Maria Carlton:

  • The Power of Promotional Products (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007)
  • Create the Business Breakthrough You Want (2004)
  • The Marketing Minefield (2005)
  • The Power of More Than One (2006)
  • The Power of More Than One – A Time for Change (2008)
  • Golden Nuggets (2008)
  • 20/20 A Fresh Look at Business Growth ( 2011)
  • 20/20 A Fresh Look at Inspiration (2012)
  • From Idea to Author-ity (2013, 2016)
  • Advertising, Branding & Marketing 101 (Rev Ed 2016)
  • A Song Out of Time (Fiction 2014)
  • Beyond the Shadows (Fiction 2015)
  • Not Just Junk (2016)
  • Hell Hath No Fury (Fiction 2017)
  • That Sex Book (2018)
  • That Death Book (due 2019)
  • Choices – The Legend of Jimmy Mac (Fiction Series due 2019)