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Let’s be honest, there are a  LOT of people in the past 10 years who have turned the concept of Business Coaching into something not far removed from a couple of other ‘unmentionable’ type of businesses – it seems like everyone puts on a ‘coaching’ hat lately…
I have often met people who are confused about the difference between a coach, mentor or consultant and many more who have had experiences with any of these and are VERY wary of dealing with ‘yet another coach’.
But let me tell you that exceptionally good business coaches are just like exceptionally good sports coaches – the greats will swear by them and prioritize using them to help achieve greater results!
My clients feel that way about me – that I get them results, and they can make molehills out of some of their Maria Carlton has helped take our teammountains by working on what matters, when, how, and getting truly focused on the ‘real stuff’.  See testimonials here  I’m a Brisbane Business Coach who travels easily, and yet even from Brisbane has worked with clients from all over the world.  Skype, Email, Phone, and a mix of personal 1-on-1 time is a great combination for successful coach outcomes..
Some of the business clients I’ve worked with in 2012 have included 2x international software companies – including one who was named the Deloitte Waikato Small Business of the Year (FTE 5-15) 2012, an animal nutritionist and feed supply company, 2x accounting firms and a small pharmacy retail chain.
I trained extensively for 30 months with Coach University, and am very proud to have graduated from their intensive diploma program in 2004.  I also put myself through some extensive other training in brand communication, marketing, and writing skills to help ensure that I really do stand out from ‘all those cowboys’ in the coaching and consulting field.   And I agree with most people who say that ‘the average coach is an average pain in the proverbial for most business owners’.  But I’m not your average coach.

I get results for my clients, and I stand by them to get them through the murky waters they sometimes find themselves in as they grow and expand their businesses.

Some of the particular areas I work on with my clients as a coach and a consultant are:

  • Values – business values in relation to determining hiring staff, marketing the company and setting goals.
  • Standards – raising these so that the goal setting becomes an easy thing to do and the goals themselves are achievable.
  • Attracting and keeping the best people.
  • Executive coaching – sounding board, strategy, succession planning.
  • Marketing – strategy, implementation options, brand development.

Industry Experience includes:   Agricultural, security, financial, pharmacy, retail, corporate software development, medical software development, real estate, education, beauty industry, franchise.
There’s more, but for most SMEs these are the key areas where the most help is needed for a company to grow and thrive (not just survive) through various phases of growth.
You can work with me one-on-one from anywhere in the world – some of my clients I’ve never sat in the same room with, but skype and online technology make this work option easy and effective! I can also include an allowance to be with you and your team where ever you are when needed if we decide that is the best option too.
For a healthy list of recommendations from previous people and companies I’ve served, please visit my Linked In page – thanks.
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