Copy Writing Services

As an author, publisher, and prolific writer, Maria offers an efficient range of writing services for anyone requiring assistance with word-crafting the best messages to their market.

These services are similar, but it’s important to note that a thorough understanding of the most suitable keywords used for your online marketing  (SEO and SEM) should be used in your online brochures as well as your offline marketing collateral.   Maria understands how to write with SEO and SEM in mind – and in fact, approaches all her copy writing work with MARKETING in mind.   ‘It has to resonate with the reader and inspire them to take interest and then action’. 
Writing for promotional and marketing purposes is different than writing articles  and blogs.  One style is more targeted towards introducing sales potential, the other is about ensuring the reader appreciates the author’s expertise.    Did you know that the author is not necessarily the same person as the writer.   And ghost writing is another specialty Maria has developed over the past few years, having ghost written several books and many articles and blogs for other authors.

A sample of writing with and without SEO terms.

The stationery we sell is ideal for businesses, and we also offer delivery options.   If you want something a bit different, please check out our Sparkle range.   Our notebooks are particularly popular and the new sticky notes range we now stock are colourful and make any office more colourful and efficient.

With search terms (business stationery, office products). 

At Sunny Stationery, we pride ourselves on stocking a wide range of regular and more interesting options in stationery.     For something a little different and fresh for the admin roles that require extra flair, we’ve just started stocking a new range called ‘Sparkle Notebooks’ which are proving to be very popular.   Sparkle notebooks feature lined and unlined sections, and while not necessarily ‘sparkly’ they certainly inspire the writer!
For the more conservative purchaser of business stationery, we have a wide range of A5, A4, and smaller pocket size notebooks.    If your office products must-have list includes sticky notes – our range is particularly vibrant and many customers tell us that good quality sticky note pads are critical for increased efficiency in an office.   We believe them – and to help you decide what note pad styles are best for you – we’ve created a simple sample pack you can get with every purchase over $50 this month.    Click here for details.
Aside from the names being changed, these are two samples of real copy – before and after! 

If you want the ‘Maria Treatment’ for your written communication,

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