Create Content

First, before you do anything else, consider what you have to create, the resources, experiences, expertise you wish to share, who you wish to share them with, and why.   Let’s get those stories you have about what you do, who for, and why they mean so much to your market out of your head, and onto a platform where they can be shared.
Our Create Content services are especially for any business person, entrepreneur, or service provider who has specialist knowledge to share but needs a strategy for that, as well as help to actually create and produce the results.

A New or Updated Website

Our team can create a highly functional, dedicated website for you using WordPress.   Your site can have a shopping cart, newsletter sign up function, blog, Search Engine Optimisation, and full copy writing of your pages with appropriate and well researched keywords throughout.    Our websites are priced from as little as $2,000. More Info here>>

Blogging Services

A big part of your Create Content planning means you need a blog to really develop a presence in your market place and to share your knowledge and expertise.   These may also be developed into articles and submitted to online and offline publications.   We’ll share with you how to submit them, and seek guest blogging opportunities too.   If you don’t want to/haven’t the time to do your own blogging, we can even take care of that for you and ensure they are shared on your social media platforms.

Copy Writing

Did you know that a large number of books and articles are written by ghost writers and copy writers?  If you need help with your website copy, articles, blogs, and scripting for your Videos, our dedicated team can take care of this for you easily, and we’re savvy enough to know how to ensure your keywords are well utilised in all your copy for maximum SEO and SEM opportunities. More Info here>>

Social Media Set Up & Management

If social media is giving you a headache because you either don’t have the time or understanding, or skills to make this marketing option work for you, we can set up (and provide ongoing management if needed) your Facebook, Twitter Linked In professional and company profiles, You tube channel, and Google + Account.  In addition to this, we can ensure your Google Analytics are set up, social media strategy and content posting plan is done, and keywords identified and used properly.
If you also need online advertising option, we have dedicated experts for you on standby too. More Info here>>

Marketing & Communication Strategy

You can save thousands of dollars in wasted efforts on advertising and marketing by having a good plan.  This means working with you to determine who you are selling to, what products or services you need to focus on, where to best target your marketing focus, and creating a plan for ensuring your marketing – both online and offline – is developed and workable, with a keen eye on getting results for you.   More Info here >>>

Public Relations & Media Plan

If you want to become well known in your industry for what you do, having a robust media plan, supported by a public relations strategy will certainly help.  This is about creating and promoting your reputation, with media, your own database, and networks you currently link to.   More Info here >>>