The Importance of a Curious Mind

Some of us are naturally curious – and for an author, that’s really important. To want to dive deep into a topic, even one you don’t necessarily write about yourself, will help you to develop your own way of articulating your information and sharing it with your market. Writing good content means sometimes finding new and fresh ways to say the same thing, but differently, for various purposes.  Developing your curious mind is critical to innovation and creativitiy. 

Repurposing something means looking at it from different angles. And that’s where a curious mind can also help a lot. What can you see in your topic(s) that maybe you never thought of before?

I love those games where someone suggests a seemingly innocuous item and askes everyone to find as many ways as possible to use it. For example – a Brick. How many ways can you think of to use a brick? How many can you think of? If you Google this, the numbers range from 6-10. What about the many ways to use an Egg? 

Here are a few ways to use a brick – how many can you think of? And can you really let loose and see how any of these might actually relate to your topic? Now there’s a challenge….
Paperweight, decorative ornament you can paint, (hollowed out) hiding place for a key, (hollowed out) plant holder weapon, bookends, step, hold a door open, hold a door shut, wedge, pointer on a pavement for where to start/stop, balance a wobbly table, tilt something, height adjuster (for laptop), hammer or mallet, knife sharpener, measure something by, to crush something with … anymore?

When you develop and expand your natural curiosity, you can write content in ways that you might never have thought of before.  

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