This is a very special retreat, for 50-75 Year-olds who want to explore who they are, needs, wants, and desires, and how to articulate this to their partners.

Imagine stealing away, for five nights to a special tropical place, where you can fully engage with the real you.  A small group of people who are all focused on what they really want from their relationships, but also from themselves.  How to handle the harder conversations that sometimes prevent closer levels of intimacy and enjoyment of each other. 

For Singles:

Connect with like minded singles, who also want to learn more about what they really want either in a new partner, or as an ongoing single person.   If another shot at happy ever after comes along that’s great, but if not, well how can you begin to fully nurture yourself and what can you do to either attract a great partner, or learn to love yourself fully first.

Each morning starts with a meditation on the beach, followed by yoga, a healthy long breakfast, filled with conversation designed to stimulate the senses and arrest the limiting beliefs you may have developed around sex, sensuality, intimacy, and many other things relative to this area of our lives.

The rest of the days include workshops each day to help you get to know what you really want, need, desire, and fear in your relationships, and how to express these.  There’s also self care sessions, make overs, and exploring your personality and love languages to help you better recognize and articulate who you are to someone in a new relationship.

We’ll also cover a lot about dating, online and other options for meeting people, red flags, aspects of being single and happy and much more.

For couples:

This is run on a very similar format for singles, but a few extra things included such as guy time, emotional and mental muscle building, to help you feel a lot more confident about tapping right into your feelings, being comfortable with sharing them and expressing yourself with your partner.    This program is also focused on re-discovery of each other after the kids have left home, or as retirement becomes part of your lifestyle, or if things just need some refreshing so you can fall in love with your favorite gal or guy all over again.


Bookings are on a first come basis and deposits are required to reserve your place.

Payment plans are also available – but first, let’s get you some more information.  Simply complete the form below and we’ll get right on it and send you more about what you need to know, that’s relevant to you.