December 14

Special Launch Offer for Beyond the Shadows

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The countdown is on and it’s now only a matter of days until Beyond the Shadows is launched on Kindle.  That means it will be out in time for Christmas.

Ok – so why launch first on Kindle?  

I get asked a lot about whether to make any book available first on Kindle, or first in print.   I think it depends a lot on the reader, the book, and the time of year.  I’m going straight to Kindle with Beyond the Shadows, partly due to wanting it to be availalble for summer holiday reading in the southern hemisphere, but also because my research has shown that more readers of this type of book will opt for EBook version over a printed version anyway.

However, my publishers are also going to ensure it’s available for print on demand through Amazon, so for any die-hard paperback readers, that option is also there.

Now – the next big challenge with launching a book is to get the right amount of PR, and build up, and as many people as possible buying their book on the same day, so that the book ranks well in all it’s categories.    Having a ‘best seller’ is a very subjective term (outside of the reality for books like 50 Shades of Grey and Harry Potter of course) but a book that ranks in the top 1000 or even better, the top 100 on Amazon does help the promotional aspects of the book.   

So – tomorrow I’m going to announce how you might be able to help with the launching a new book experiment with regards to ranking …  so stay tuned!



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