Your Legacy of Wisdom… not just another coffee table book

Imagine a book that is so beautiful... how it’s written, presented, bound, and gifted to your most highly regarded stakeholders that they want to rest it on a silk pillow  so it’s the first thing they see in the morning.

  • A book that captures not only your story, the highs and lows of creating your success, but one that allows you to reflect on the lessons, and share those with future generations.
  • A book that guides the future of your company, and has your grandchildren vying for inheritance of it, because it’s not only so beautiful and valuable, but is impossible to purchase.


Not just another ‘coffee table book’

The world is changing fast, and we live in a time where information is cheap, experience and learning is  fast and forgotten easily.  The hard lessons and life experiences of Wisdom Ambassadors is about creating a culture of sharing it forward. Ensuring that as a Wisdom Ambassador we all learm to capture and share our best for the value and enrichment of those yet to come and walk even a few steps in our shoes. 

A Legacy of Wisdom book is different in a number of ways to many ‘typical commemorative publications’.  It’s going to have images, and will be very well written edited and formatted, produced on high quality paper, cover, and all that you might usually expect of a quality published book, but here’s where he real differences begin. But it won’t ever be compared to that genre of ‘coffee table book’.

The Three Tiered Approach:

Part of the beauty of this book will be the imagery inside. Not just photos, but deliciously crafted water colour, or sketched images. There might be latice style page separators, book marks, insets, foiling, debossing or embossing, and much more.  You’ll be excited to see the possibilities of how such a book might come together under our care and designers’ skill sets.  Our printers have been awarded the highest honours for their work as recently as 2022 (Gold  in the NZ Pride in Print Awards) and our cover designer has multiple books featured as winners and finalists in the Australian Business Book Awards since 2019.

The Standard, Silver, and Gold variations outlined below will give you an idea of how your book set might be created and produced.  But this is a bespoke range of options and final versions will come down to exactly what suits you and your book best. 


Standard Edition

Percieved market value: $40

Your book will be made available for general distrubution, globally, so that others can benefit from what you have to say, and the wisdom you have to share about your success journey.

It will be collaboratively ghost written about you with your input of course, in semi-biographical style, but also with interviews undertaken by key stakeholders and historical research into your industry as a whole to further support your position and stories.


Silver Edition

Percieved market value: $100

A highly collectable version of your book will also be produced, in limited edition style, (100, and up to 1000 copies) numbered, and made available for those wanting to purchase or be gifted a copy.

The ‘Silver Edition’ will be hard bound, with silver embossed features, boxed and presented in such a way that it will be truly treasured.

There are a number of special ways this can be done, please see the list below.

The Gold Standard

Percieved market value: $500 +

The Gold Standard edition will be leather bound, on premium paper, embossing and foiling will be only a small feature making this stand out as a truly special book.  Limited to only 25 copies, with features such as gold coin or gemstones featured on the cover or spine.  Presented in a very special hand crafted box, nestled in tissue, sealed and more. This is the book that will be a feature of any high quality library, anywhere in the world for generations.  Not available for purchase, only gifting.  Hand signed by you, a special front note page where your own handwriting is featured as a font crafted by us to ensure your very personal touch is added.

What are the key features of a highly collectable, enduring Legacy of Wisdom book?

Stunning cover design, with maybe gold or silver stitching, soft leather, strokeable fabrics. 

Gold or silver foiled or printed edges, stitched binding, and sheared indexing.

Artistry, paper and design featured pages, insets, embossing, book marks.

Featured art on pages can be created in number of ways. 

Tissue, latticed paper to separate or feature special pages and sections.

Your Legacy of Wisdom book design will be personal to you and what you especially love in a book you want to create as a Legacy.  Numbered special editions, gold, silver, or gemstones featured in the cover design, beautifuly presentation boxes, and most of all, great content that readers will love to treasure andread, more than once.  These are just a few sample ideas, and thanks to a range of treasured books collected through the years and photoraphed specifically for this page. These are to inspire, and actual options for you would be carefully worked out and developed once your own first draft is finished and ready for editing and then production. 


How much time do I personally need to commit to this?

Some, but this will be decided in the initial strategy session covering content, timing, and regular meetings and interview or research time established and maintained throughout the project to suit your own busy schedule.

Who owns the content?

You will be the author of your own Legacy of Wisdom book, and all proceeds from general release sales will be yours. This is a royalty/commission-free project.

Do I have to have all three tiers?

No, you could have any or all – what ever suits your needs best.

How long will it take?

We like to allow an average of 12 months to ensure the necessary research, writing style is developed, production  and design time allowed for. Minimum 8 months, and no longer than 18 months.


Strictly maintained throughout and after this project. 

Is this ‘Self Publishing’?

This is technically a Hybrid option of Self/traditional publishing. Production and Publishing done to the highest possible standard, but without a royalty agreement. You retain control and ownership of everything. 

Who has creative control?

You do  with firm guidance and care by us. 

Your Writing and Development Team

Dixie Maria Carlton is the ‘Secret Sauce for Wisdom Ambassadors’. She has been working in the cross-sections of traditional and hybrid publishing, professional speaking and marketing for 20+ years, and is a global expert as an author services and publishing coach. Recognised as a pioneer in the space between Pages and Stages for non-fiction authors and professional speakers, Dixie has spoken on four continents, including (on panel) at the Frankfurt Book Fair, sold foreign rights, and published more than 200 books – many of them award winning best sellers for authors and speakers making an enormous difference in their respective industries.

Geoff Taylor is a long-time journalist, a former deputy editor of the Waikato Times and former editor of Waikato Business News. Geoff’s books include Mystery Creek Magic, Living Every Moment and The Truth Behind the Loss of Flight 370, an account of the extraordinary disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines airliner, presenting compelling evidence about what happened in the final hours of Flight MH370. Geoff also edited Give a Man a Spanner, a biography of Waikato personality Russ Rimmington. Geoff is a third-term Hamilton City Councillor and former Deputy Mayor of Hamilton.

Richard Walker is a feature writer at the Waikato Times, and is a former editor of Waikato Business News and former journalism lecturer at Wintec. He has an extensive background in book writing and editing, including co-authoring Mystery Creek Magic and Living Every Moment with Geoff Taylor. He was commissioning editor for The Village on the Hill, a celebration of 125 years of Waikato Hospital, and edited a 72-page commemorative supplement for Waikato Times marking Hamilton’s 150th anniversary in 2014. He wrote and edited Linking the City, a book marking the building of Hamilton’s Ring Road.