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Publisher Rocket

The APP that helps you get started, write, test and produce a book, and guides you  through the rest of your Authority Journey.

The Podcast for Experts on an Authority Journey, featuring special guests, great insights and easy listening.

Your backstop in business – the APP, the resources, and the social media – introducing BizBackstop. 

If you want something to write your book with that is more specifically oriented towards Authors than Word is, but still integrates well with Word for when your editor needs to have your manuscript, then Scrivener is amazing.  And well worth having a good look at using if you’re intending to do more than one book.   Here’s a link to the outstanding Learn Scrivener Fast training resources for taking a better look at what you can and can’t do with Scrivener. Click the Logo above to learn more about it.

If you’re a speaker and you want to do more from the stage about ensuring people get your hand outs, sign up for resources, or easily access your landing or bonus content page, then try TalkBook… well worth a look for many outstanding features. 

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