December 7

Novel Number Two!

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BtS coverI’ve just finished the final proofing novel number two – Beyond the Shadows – and I’m very excited about it being made available on Kindle in time for Christmas.  So all you holiday readers will be able to enjoy a slice of romantic drama.

The second book is a lot different to the first, and it’s a more modern day drama, where-as Margaret was set in the mid 20th Century.  But the differences don’t end there.   Beyond the Shadow’s is set in several exotic locations around the world, and features a dark mystery woman who threatens the two lovers in the story.    It’s also a tantalising look at how some relationships can be enduring and yet quite ‘different’ to the traditional happy ever after, and explores how geography and the use of technology such as Skype can play a role in that.

Most of all, now that I’m at launch time, I’m noticing my own attitudes about releasing a second book are very different than the first time I did this at the start of the year.  Back then, I thought I had a ‘pretty good story’ but really had no idea if anyone else would buy it, like it, or even love it, let alone write great reviews about not only the story, but also on my abilities as an author of fiction.

To my delight, and this is now helping in the confidence stakes, many people have raved about “Margaret – a Song Out of Time” and that has certainly inspired me to keep writing, with even greater expectations of my second and third novels.



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Time to speak up for Women!
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