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How to Pick a Genre for Marketing Books

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When asked what I write about, I often stumble over the genre, because it’s a bit complicated in my own head.   Partly this is because I have two distinct areas I work in; one being business/marketing non-fiction and expertise coaching.  This is where I’ve focused my work as a writer and speaker for a number of years now under the brand of Maria Carlton, so although I still work in this space, it’s my past and present.   The other genre is fiction, but it’s where I’m heading towards as my present and future focus.  Although it is arguable I could keep doing both.

My fiction is mostly stories with a hint of romance and real-life issues that are common to adult romance, but I also like to use my stories to help explain how various spiritual things work in the real world.   For example, I’ve written about how someone might cope with dying unexpectedly and finding their lives cut short.  I’ve also written about how mediums work and help both spirits and those still on this side.   And I’m currently writing a story that involves astral travel and lingering spirits who are already traveling and connecting with us in this world even before they pass away.

This story was inspired by my step father’s visit to me one afternoon while he was in the final stages of cancer, in hospital.   I was sure his visit to me meant that any minute my mother would call to tell the news that he’d gone, but in fact, he was only in a very deep sleep.   Having experienced the dying traveling this way again in more recent times I decided to share this through one of my stories.

I’m sure that if I simply put it out there that I write paranormal romance, that will immediately put me into a box that I don’t quite feel I fit into yet.  There’s so much more to my writing than that one narrow genre, and I know that many other authors feel the same way about their own direction and marketing of their work.

One of my favourity authors in the world, Diana Gabaldon is famous not only for her wonderful books, but for causing a lot of discussion by her publishers as to what kind of story (ie where in the stores would the book fit) her books are.   If you’ve followed the Outlander Series, you’ll know what I mean.  Diana’s books are about history, time travel, romance, war, and probably two or three other genres that various publishers could fit them into if they really tried.

As a writer, I’m not ready to just ‘pick a genre’ and that’s that.   I want to explore my own abiltiy to write outside the lines, but at the same time to always share some of what I’ve learned as a medium and spiritual translater with my readers.

Do you the reader find it easier to engage with an author based only on one genre, or do you like the range of stories he or she may write within a wider scope?

in terms of the question o f how to pick a genre for marketing books I’m keen to get feedback on this if you wish to share.


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