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Publish IconThe Six Necessary Steps Required to Publish Your Work

The hard work is definitely not over once you have written a book, or created a new workshop, training program, blog, or shareable version of your best self and your wisdom, story, or expertise.  That’s only a very small part of the process.  There are some gigantic steps to work through as part of the journey towards publishing or producing your work for sale and sharing.

  1. Decide how your work will be produced/published
  2. How will you distribute it?
  3. Is it part of a series or a stand alone product?
  4. Will you work with a traditional publisher or self publish/produce
  5. What’s the difference between publishing and producing anyway?
  6. How much is it worth?

Once you get clear on these issues, the rest is (relatively) easy.  But, these six points are all lengthy and complex for the newcomer to Guru-dom.    Working with Dixie Carlton as your publishing/production coach means being able to short-circuit a lot of the challenging learning curves.

You can elect to work with Dixie for 3 months, 6 months, or as an ongoing client through your entire journey of ‘before/during/after’ your book (or other product development project).

Details of Coaching and Mentoring Options 

Book Shepherd – Helping you through the entire writing,editing, publishing process as a consultant and coach.

  • Three months to write your book: $3,000-$5,000.00 Just starting?  Let’s get busy and write that draft – 12 weeks program!
  • Ready to Publish: $1,000 per month. Review, tidy, edit, and polish your draft: This is especially valuable for anyone who has already written their first draft, and wants their book to be guided thoroughly through all the pitfalls and challenges of getting published, marketed, and distributed.

Manuscript Review Non-Fiction or Fiction.  $POA after seeing a brief outline and sample chapter.  A 4 week process of reviewing your completed manuscript that will help you prepare it for it’s final journey through editing and publishing.   Authors can save themselves a LOT of time and angst by working through this process.

For full details of time and input from your coaching or mentoring options please book an introduction session HERE.  This can vary from person to person depending on availability of each party, and where you are currently at with starting/completing your project. 

 Why Publish?

Your story could be your most rewarding marketing tool ever, and help you to achieve international recognition for your wisdom/knowledge/expertise.  Take a look at our Case Study featuring David Stannard – 2x Stevie Award Winner!*


David-Stannard-Testimonial-300x300 David Stannard wanted to write a book about his winery – started in 2007 from what was more or less a cabbage patch made up of several tiny plots of land in Bordeaux France, that had become an award winning international brand within a very short time.  David was even selling his wine into the top levels of New York City Restaurants by 2014, and more or less showing the French how to do it better than they had been doing thus far in terms of global marketing.  Two books are being launched in 2016 – one the story of how David was running his winery part time from Melbourne Australia, and the second one sharing his business strategy for what he’d achieved.

You can read Paradise Rescued – From Cabbage Patch to Cabernet Franc HERE

The second book in this series is due for release in late 2016.

*An UPDATE – worth celebrating!

David Stannard/Paradise Rescued has just won a Silver Stevie Award for Marketing in the under $5M budget category – based on using his books and social media as his primary marketing strategy.