Fast, Easy, DIY Business Tools for planning and executing excellent marketing in your business.

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If you’re fed up with books and bank managers that say you have to do planning but can’t find straightforward and smart tools to help you do exactly that in a day, you’re in the right place.
These tools are tried, tested, and well thought out with busy entrepreneurs in mind.
Scroll down for full descriptions and options for the best FREE and FEE business tools you’ll find anywhere to help you get on track with your marketing and brand development for your business.

2 Page Business and Marketing Plan to get you focused on where you’re going and what needs to be done. $2.95

3 Page Business Plan for people who don’t want to write novels destined for the office bottom draw but need a straightforward business plan to work with each year. $3.97

Branding Made Easy 50 point checklist.  Just check each point and make a note of what you’d like to focus on developing further in order to build a more powerful brand.$1.97
10 Characteristics of a Great Business – so you know what you’re aiming for when making improvements in your business. $1.97
Easy Website Checklist – to help when updating or planning your website to ensure it’s actually going to be useful for you and your visitors… to help drive business opportunities your way $1.97.

Get Social Media Savvy* – this checklist helps you to identify what you’re doing well and what needs work when it comes to effective social media strategies.  $2.97

Promotional Products In Your Marketing – how can you use widgets, branded merchandise and business gifts to help market your business effectively?  This is a three chapter extract based on Maria Carlton’s best selling book on the Power of Promotional Products. $2.97

The Ultimate Marketing Checklist* – 5 areas to identify and work on to build your online and offline marketing.  Promotion, packaging, positioning, Performance, persuasion.  $4.97

*Scroll down to see images of what the Ultimate Marketing Checklist and Social Media Savvy Checklists look like. 
I’ve used these tools with hundreds of small business clients and continue to give them away to my coaching clients because they are easy to use, work really well to help focus on what needs to be done, and most of all to help explain in straightforward terms exactly what each is about.  Business Planning might be something you hate to do, but it’s a necessary part of staying in business.
These tools are guaranteed to be so easy and effective you’ll love them over and over again.

100% RISK FREE!!

If you don’t find them to be as easy and straightforward as I’ve promised, I’ll refund your money – no questions asked.


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