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To save you photocopying the templates and tools within Dixie's books, or creating your own version, you can access an entire PDF pack right here for you to start using immediately.

Of course, not everyone is going to want these, so we've added them as an optional extra instead of padding out the books.

Ideally, you'll want to have purchased one of the eBooks or downloaded one of the APPs for full DIY help but you can also reach out for a 1:1 chat via this option too.

Included in this set of templates are:

  • Planning worksheets to create your book plan
  • Checklists for writing, finishing first draft, production, and all the additional parts you need for your book beyond just the contents
  • Beta Readier's template to invite feedback on first draft to maximise their input on your manuscript
  • A comprehensive design brief so you can work on your best layout and cover design options.

This will save you hours of working it all out by yourself.

32 pages of templates, examples and much more.

This is perfect to use with the Start with the Draft book, and the Indie Experts APP.

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