B: Biz Backstop - The Small Business Start Up Essentials - E-Book

All the things you really need to focus on as a start up in your Small Business. Many easy planning tools, checklists included.
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How to Effortlessly sleep through the night even if you're business is still a baby!

Get your priorities identified, action plans sorted, and rest easy knowing you really have done the basics of starting and building your small business, so it's resilient and risk ready next time the waves of uncertainty threaten to drown you.

This book is for you if:

  • If you've been in business for less than three years and are overwhelmed by what still needs doing.
  • Worried that you're still stuck at 'figure it out' phase and unsure what you really need to do to move forward.
  • Still feel like you're 'faking it till you make it'. If you didn't study business at school, then this is the condensed but solid <60 minutes a week business learning that will give you quantifiable results you'll see quickly.
Short sharp, relevant and easy to follow business help for so many areas that make it easier and more enjoyable to be the boss again.

From Finance, Tax and IRD, Structure, all the way to being the boss, hiring advisors or contractors, and Terms of trade - this covers everything and more, that any SME in NZ needs to get savvy in business.

Stop clocking up fees when all you want to know is when or if you need to do more... how big is the question is often the biggest unknown. So getting the thorough but short answers before booking a meeting to ask basic stuff is now a thing of the past.

There is also access to a wide range of resources, PDF downloads and so much more in this simple handbook for SME's and Business Operators. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by so we can share some of our hardest learned lessons about being in business with you and offer solutions to help ensure you love being in business for yourself, longer, and with greater success.

This book is aimed at helping you to ensure your success rate is significantly higher than most, and to introduce you further to options we have created to help you to:

- Secure your business through strong start up and maintenance of your business.
- Do what you can to be risk resilient
- Understand the growth potential and lean into those opportunities
- Work to your strengths,
- Identify opportunities
- Plan your growth

It’s about ensuring your ability to generally, ‘take care of (your) business’ easily so that it’s fun, profitable, and makes your soul sing, instead of depleting all your energies.

Chapters include:

-Getting Started
- Bank Accounts, Finance and (NZ) Taxes
- Human Resources - Being the Boss
- Getting the Right Structure
- Registering a Name
- Marketing and Branding
- Sales and Pricing
- Support Systems and People
- Making Money
- Working with Coaches and Mentors
- How to Work Better with Your Accountant
- Business Planning

Resources include Business and Marketing Planning Tools, made simple and easy

Approx. 100 (A5) pages, Digital download version only.

Optional Extra: For A4 (full page) versions of the templates, checklists and tools, you can access these through the Tools and Templates option.

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