October 4

Wrapping Up the Story

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I’ve been trying for weeks to find the time to finish the book – The Mistress.   At least that’s what I’ve been telling myself.   The Reality is, it was starting to get difficult to find a way to wrap up the storyline and I kept putting it off.  What should have been quite easy, kept being put into the ‘Too Hard’ basket and before I knew it, another month had gone by and no further development of the story had happened at all.

That all changed this week.  I was driving along the highway thinking about the story, and the characters and realised that I needed to have the central character, Delta, take a very firm stand on what was happening to her, and that meant making a few changes to the recent chapters I’d written.  “Groan!”  that was my feeling on any re-writing options.   However, On reaching my destination on Thursday, I talked it over with a psychic friend of mine who helped me through the entire scenario – as though we were talking about real people in a real life and death situation.  It was so good having a fresh perspective by someone who also gets the concept of what I’m trying to do as a writer with this particular story.

Bang – everything just fell into place.

Sometimes talking over the situation and the outcomes we want can have unexpected benefits.  For me, the added bonus of discussing my book with Suzanne was an even deeper understanding of what actually happens when dark spirits are wreaking havoc with us – which does happen on a daily basis.

I’ve seen and experienced various levels of psychic attack over the years, and through that, wanted to help explain this phenomenon to my readers.   And I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing this book as I’ve explored the subject.  Sometimes things really do go ‘bump in the night’ in unexplained ways, and it’s good to know that those funny (bad variety) of coincidences do often have some spiritual elements to them that once dealt with can help with our own ability to move forward on goal setting, relationship building, and much more.

Not all ‘dark energies’ are spirits, and not all spirits are poltergeists either.   Some of them are simply that – a dark energy.  Gaining an understanding of how these affect us and our environments is very helpful – don’t you think?

The Mistress is now due for completion in a few days, and then its off to be edited. That hopefully means it will be out and available in time for Christmas and southern hemisphere summer reading.   I’ll keep you posted.  However, if you are keen to know more about pre-ordering, I’ll have these details on my website in late October.

Meantime, enjoy reading the excerpts and feel free to leave any comments.



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Time to speak up for Women!
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