New Year’s Eve was spent with friends around a laden table, with much conversation, laughter, and love.   It was a happy time, and marked the end of an extraordinary year of transformation for me.  New Year, New Scripts was the topmost thought for me on New Year’s Day, as I reviewed last year, and contemplated all that I want to achieve in 2016, on top of what developed in 2015.

I recall 4 years ago another New Year’s Day with a good friend, creating my first ever vision board.   It has sat on my bedroom wall for all but the past year, but still readily visible in another room.   To my amazement I can check off every single item on the board – all has come to pass.   Does that mean I have spent the last few days creating a new one? I’d love to say yes, but the answer is no.   Instead I’m contemplating what I want for the rest of my life.

An associate passed away two days before the end of the year – and as she was similarly aged and career oriented as me, I found her death very confronting.  And so the rest of the week was spent thinking about all that I have, had, do, am, and ‘what next’?

One thing I’m noticing more and more is that manifestation is a lot easier than I ever dreamed possible long ago.  I now know with absolute certainty that I can do, have, be anything/anywhere/anyway I really want to be, so long as I really do want it, and truly believe it’s possible.    What does get in the way sometimes is old scripts running through my head about deserving, luck (not that I even believe in luck any more – I do believe in  being ready for opportunities though), and karma.  Is it my fate, or my karma to follow that idea to it’s natural conclusion… my head will argue with my spirit.  

Learning to control the arguments inside that really are a form of sabotage is my mission for now – so that I can focus on manifesting what I want next for my life.   Having experienced ‘all my dreams coming true’ on more than one phase of my life, I know that I can do that again… the challenge is knowing exactly what to ‘put out there’.

More meditation required – I’ll seek to find the answers within my heart.