Let’s start with recognising that to be a Million Dollar Professional Speaker, you can’t have a $10 book to use as a ‘business card’.

And that to be a great speaker, you can’t rely on just a great book.


Speaking as a PROFESSIONAL

Knowing your topic and being able to charge a fee is fine, but to step into the big stakes game, you need to be a lot more savvy than just trying to ‘look the part’ and taking short cuts. You need to know the BUSINESS of speaking, training, coaching, and development.  You need to work with people whoe help you know about promoting yourself, charge what you’re really worth, and have a serious action plan to get you the best clients to work with.

Writing a HIGH-QUALITY Book

A weekend away to ‘record your stuff’ and then bouncing it quickly onto Amazon is not what publishing a quality book is all about.  You need to recognise it’s going to take a team of experts to curate, design, and publish your best content, then work on how to get leverage with that. Your Publishing 3.0 journey requires a plan, a well considered Call to Action, and some speaking and marketing behind that.

Marketing Your Expertise

You need a good website, the right landing pages, quality LinkedIn profile, maybe other social media platforms and media training.  You need to know how to get booked on talk shows and podcasts, what stages to be speaking on and what you’re going to put forward after someone reads your book.  Oh – and you might need a whole rebrand and strategy to maximise your opportunities.

You might need to go

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There’s a really good reason why I have glowing testimonials from some of the top speakers and authors the world.

You’ll see some further down this page.

I know how to take the entire ecosystem of the book that is in someone’s head, and then use it to get leverage on it, through speaking, marketing the expertise that the author has to share. I also network at very high levels with supreme quality specialists who can work with my clients, on my recommendation to take then to the very top. Between us, my team and specialist connections can work with you to deliver the most comprehensive development programs and services that means NO GUESSWORK on what you need to focus on.

I offer a range of highly specialist services for authors and speakers, and arguably the combination of these is unique, or at least very rare.

My own career highights: 

  • Award winning author, business person, and coach.
  • Best-selling author of many of my 21 books published (so far).
  • Spoken internationally on 4 continents and been paid for it.
  • Paid position with the Global Speakers Federation as Chief Editor in 2011.
  • Named one of the top 25 Thought Leaders in the World in 2020 by 25 Hottest Indie Magazine. 
  • Spoken on a panel of publishing specialists at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2019.
  • I’ve sold foreign rights for authors internationally. 


Highly Competent Ghost Writer and Publishing Specialist

  • I’ve ghost written 12+ books for authors around the world, and in many instances, more than once per author.
  • I’ve written  training programs that have been highly recommended for retail, leadership, and management.
  • Helped authors to get on multiple media channels and profile building opportunities.
  • Have assisted several companies and individuals to win regional, national, and international awards for the work they do.
  • Have worked directly with and been coached/trained by some of the top experts in their respective industries since 2002.

So when I work for a client, I bring a LOT to the table!

My Expert/Highly Recommended Skills:

  • Professional Speaker
  • Certified Business Coach (20 years experience)
  • WordPress Wizard
  • Amazon Ninja
  • LinkedIn Legend
  • Canva Creative
  • Communication Specialist

Other things I’m savvy with: 

  • Event Management
  • Promotional Products
  • Direct Marketing
  • Print Broker
  • Publishing Platforms




However I can’t work with everyone who wants to work with me…

Because while I’m great at what I do for my authors, I’m really not the solution for everyone who wants to write a book or launch a speaking career.

I do work with authors and speakers who:

  • Want to plan and write a book – with my coaching help and/or ghost writing/done for you options.
  • Have a book but need to get some marketing planning and strategy behind to ensure real leverage options for that.
  • Need the range of help that I can offer across multiple platforms.
  • And I can easily (and often do) work WITH an existing team of providers in the social media, marketing, and training spaces.


From the first word to a book Dixie stood by me, coaching and guiding me in the direction of becoming an authority and even more passionate about feet. Dixie holds the big picture of what it takes to publish a book, drip feeding you so it does not seem overwhelming. Highly recommend to anyone who is looking for support and guidance as they create and become their own authority.

Bernie Landels UK

Author, Finding Their Feet

I recently had the pleasure of hearing Dixie present at The Plan B Summit in Namibia. Put simply, she really knows her stuff when it comes to publishing. And not only the publishing itself, but everything that goes into creating a sustainable business stream through the book. …

Jackie Handy UK

FPSA FREC, Diversity & Leadership Development / Trainer

There are more testimonials HERE

Dixie and her team have been instrumental in both increasing the professionalism of my books, and the lead generation they achieve.

A team of rock star professionals to manage all of the multitudes of extra steps that make up a successful book project and launch.

If you’re contemplating writing your first book, or you about to go on that journey again. I highly recommend speaking to Dixie.

Adam Houlahan, AUS

Linked In Expert, 5x Best Selling Author, Global Prominence

Short Case Study #1

Author needed an update of her first book after the second one was completed which I assisted in the planning and development of mostly as her coach. From there we progressed through the updates and along they way worked on her landing pages, speaker bio, one sheets and I directed her to start working with one of the top Speaker Bureau/Agents in Australia. We’re about to start on Book number 3 and a plan for maximising her speaking direction – which has changed a little – for 2023 with a direct marketing strategy and implementation.

I operate at times as her go-to marketing strategist, reviewer of communications, and sit in on various meetings with her as needed as well as weekly coaching and marketing production services. 

Short Case Study #2

Author started out wanting to write his book personally but struggled with it. I offered to ghost write the content from his training programs, then developed a series of short videos for boosting the training, created and managed varios social media platforms, and worked directly with his PA for whatever overviews were needed regarding implementations of strategy.

I’ve just started writing his third book which is going straight into Ghostwriting option with additional full support from me in his LinkedIn and  Social Media strategy. He asks my advice on his overall marketing, website, and training material whenever needed – we’ve now worked together this way for nearly Five years.

NOTE: Case studies are anonymous for the clients’ privacy purposes, but all clients are able to be verified and spoken directly with if required.