Dixie Carlton – Storyteller

Sit back enjoy a cosy chair, pull a rug up around you and maybe pour a well selected glass of something divine to wash down those tantalising lines with. Yes, you’re here in the reading room… ready for a story or two, something to stir your senses, titalate the imagination, and prickle at your nerves.  Select from a range of stories. Let me entertain you with words crafted by my own imagination, strung together to create stories. Some that might even stay with you for a while.

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TNew in 2024 – Bedtime Stories for Adults

A collection of short stories, each story approximately 15-20 pages long – each book has three stories. 

Each book in this five book series will be approximately 60-80 pages long, and will have 3 short separate stories – but some of the stories will thread their way through the entire series of Five books.  The first is Deflections of Love...  Book two Sensations of Love was released in  April.  Book THREE  – Deceptions of Love – was released in May. Destructions of Love is book four – and perhaps the darkest of all the stories, with more intrigue and mystery than romance.  This is due to release in June. Sex-ations of Love will be more erotic for those readers wanting a little more spice in July.  

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An obsessed lover stalks her ex. How can a new romance even begin when dark spirits are intent on destruction?

Under a romantic Sorrento Moon, Erik once again meets the alluring Penny. Looking to enjoy some romance, and maybe more, their growing friendship is threatened when Erik’s twisted former lover, Helena, resurfaces with malicious intentions. As their long-distance relationship becomes more complicated, Penny must navigate her own life as a single mother in Australia while also dealing with the relentless pursuit of Helena.

From the windswept coast of Cornwall to the bustling streets of London, this chilling tale will leave you wondering about long-lost loves from your own past. But just when things seem to be going smoothly for Erik and Penny, a shocking turn of events threatens to tear them apart. As tensions rise and secrets are revealed, both must confront their own fears and insecurities if they want to move forward in their relationship.

If you enjoyed the suspense and steamy romance of “A Dangerous Affair” by Natasha Lester., you’ll love the twists and turns in Beyond the Shadows… Don’t wait, buy now before the price changes and get lost in this captivating tale of love, betrayal, and the supernatural.

Maybe she’s Sick… Maybe she’s Dying.. or maybe she’s just MAD!


What if you were married to someone you thought was dying, but then again, maybe it’s all an elaborate hoax? James married Alice when she was still young, beautiful, and very spoilt. Lately he started to feel he was up against something he has no control over, and his best friend Brett is urging him to take action. Strange goings on in the night, secret liaisons, and his overwhelming desire for another woman lead him on a slippery journey towards a mental health nightmare. Alice will do what ever it takes to keep her husband, and maintain her strange lifestyle even if that means risking her own demise…or at least her own sanity.

Brett and Deanna are stuck in the middle, unsure of what to do, but both know that something is definitely not right. Just how far will Alice go to keep her man, and who’s really pulling the strings? This story of desperation, love, and secrecy takes several surprising twists and turns, and begs the question: ‘what would you do’ if you were any one of the main players in this modern day romantic mystery.

James reached for a glass and put it on the table in front of the bottle of Jack Daniels that was by now half empty. Both men had clearly had a couple of shots already in the last half hour.

The more they talked, the crazier it sounded. Alice was bedridden so who had thrown her down the stairs if is wasn’t one of them?

And who really had the best motive?

“No father, I’m sorry, I… it was the wind, I… father no please…”

He held my mother’s scissors in his left hand, the other one firmly holding my long red hair to yank my head back and from my position of half kneeling on the floor, I felt utter despair over my helplessness.

When Margaret McKenzie leaves her traditional Scottish upbringing behind and moves to the bustling city of Auckland in the 1930s, she never could have imagined the wild adventures and romance that awaited her. But when she falls for the charming Nate and immerses herself in the vibrant jazz scene, she soon finds herself caught in a whirlwind of passion and danger. As she navigates single motherhood in a society that expects women to conform to traditional roles, Margaret must also confront her former lover, who has returned with his wife in tow. But when secrets and scandal threaten to tear apart her carefully crafted life, Margaret must rely on her wit and courage to protect her family.

Set against the backdrop of war-torn New Zealand, this novel is a tale of love, loss, and the resilience of the human spirit. If you enjoyed “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society,” you’ll love this heart-wrenching story of a woman’s journey to independence and self-discovery.

There is sexual awakening, wartime grief, and a mystery that might be murder, but most of all there is the challenge of growing into womanhood alone, and discovering strength and cunning is all you can sometimes rely on when the police arrive.

Rhythm & Rhyme – Margaret’s story contines

Follow Margaret McKenzie as she returns to the swinging club scene and sings her way into a new world of opportunity and revenge – playing by her own rules in a time when women are limited in their choices.

Realizing she’d put her friend through some considerable distress, Solange cleared her throat before speaking in a dark voice that came from the very depths of her soul. “I’m sorry, I should have been clearer. This is simply a gift I was delivered overnight, and I believe you’ll be delighted by it. But first, my dear, you’ll need to be a little more relaxed”

Solange put a hot cup of tea down in front of Margaret and waited for her to sit down, before then set down a small glass of scotch beside it. Margaret looked at the glass, sure that maybe she was seeing things. Scotch with their tea was not really unusual, but it was after all barely 10 o’clock in the morning. That prickly feeling in her scalp escalated once again.
“What’s that?” she asked stupidly.


Being a single mother in the 1950s was hard enough, without having to contend with the the worst of mother-in-laws, a mysterious stalker, and a lover who can’t make up his mind about his future intentions. This is a story of greed, an empowered woman who finds unlikely friends and supporters in the strangest of places, and a secret life lived by a master of disguise.