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Do you want to know more about using your case studies, stories, or history to inspire your customers to want to do business with you?

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Dixie is the ideal speaker for that challenging after-lunch-sleepy-time to bring everyone back into the room and spark them up. 

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The Word Witch:

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Professional Member of PSA Australia and NZ since 2003, Dixie has spoken professionally in several countries, 3 continents, and is available to deliver a range of workshops, keynotes, or training events.

A little about Dixie – the short bio!

Dixie Carlton has been helping authors and creatives to tap into their inner genius and find their best stories, to influence their markets, for more nearly 20 years.  She ‘magics up’ the words to flavour the stories, the conversations, and the proposals so that understanding, inspiration, and Wow factors happen easily.  Dixie weaves the threads of the conversations, the stories and the case studies into wholly digestible and easily used transcripts that flow.

Expect Some Magic:

When Dixie presents, she calls on the use of props like a Magic Talking Stick, shares stories, weaves tales around clever case  studies.  She might make you laugh, and she might make you feel a little touched by the mystical art of the Word Witch.  She will definately give you something to take home – like a new set of words, or a story to share that will have you confidently reimagining the future.


Reimagine Your Marketing… Keynote Presentation

The problem with many marketing strategies is that they don’t focus enough on the power of stories, to ensure target markets understand the background, the why, and there purpose of a product or service. But what if you reimagine your marketing strategy through the power of sharing your best case studies, and the journey of how you came to be here, in this place and why that matters to your potential customers.

Come on a journey with me to explore how to best identify what to share of those stories and where to put them so that your brand grows through the strength of what you share.

This Keynote will focus on:

  • How to identify what are your best stories to share as part of your marketing.
  • How to curate and share great case studies – including confidential ones.
  • What your target market most wants to learn about you.
  • Creating a content plan as part of your marketing strategy.


Keynote or Breakout Session

Keynote or Breakout Session

Workshop Options

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Dixie is co-founder and Creative Director and Publishing Coach of Indie Experts Pty Ltd, Australia.  Indie Experts works with non-fiction authors around the world  to help with their Before, During, and After of the Authority Journey.  Please check out details about how Indie Experts can assist you if you are thinking about writing a book, for your business to ensure that it works hard, and helps you focus on your content creation and delivery as a premium expert in your industry.