What to Expect From Dixie


  • A thorough debrief on your expectations, what you want your group/audience to walk away with, and a firm understanding of what handouts will be given and topics specifically covered.
  • Total professionalism – including but not limited to a call confirming the event (date, time, venue etc) 7 days out from your event for your complete piece of mind.
  • Commitment to ensuring she knows all she needs to know about your business and your industry so that her presentation is relevant!
  • Early arrival and time to be calm and READY for her presentation.


  • Stories to explain points made
  • Some humor to keep your people engaged and interested
  • Excellent handouts that will help to reinforce key points made
  • Some humor – it might not be a comedic experience but it won’t be boring!
  • Minimum power point!
  • No swearing – EVER!


  • Time to stay and talk to audience members (for additional Q&A)
  • A debrief with you if requested
  • A follow up email and invitation to a supplementary webinar up to 14 days after the presentation
  • Access to a special resources section set up online for your group for up to 14 days


Past Clients:

Other Industry Experience

These are the industries I have the most experience with as either  coach/consultant, or employee.  

  • Security / Locksmith
  • Hair, Beauty, and Cosmetic Services
  • Information Technology
  • Education – Secondary School
  • Retail
  • Construction Related Trades
  • Marketing
  • Franchise Industry
  • Publishing


Please download Dixie’s photo, short and long Bio, and Introduction here if you are booking Dixie to speak at your event.  If you require customisation of these items please ask. Happy to oblige. 🙂

Introduction and bios  

Topic Documents:

Speaker Keynote – Introducing Story Power – Your Authority Journey

Speaker Keynote – Introducing Taboo Conversations