Everyone  is just so darned fascinating!

"How can you even resist starting conversations with people - who knows what you might learn, and how they may affect your whole day, your week, or even your life?"

Curating Conversations

Dixie Maria Carlton has been indulging her passion for fascinating conversations with random people since she could talk.  Hospital waiting rooms were a regular source of inspiration and people always far more interesting than the toys in the corner.  A slightly precocious red headed toddler grew into a curious and sometimes outspoken adult who continues to talk with people about deep and meaningful things.  Standing in line at the bank, elevators, and waiting rooms are all great places to meet people – and here’s where some extraordinary friendships and connections have been made.

Dixie spends her life talking with people and sharing stories.   Now – her books are focused on those stories, and how to share them so that they mean something to those who get to read them.

A desire to help, communicate better, and freedom to explore deeply the things that are meaningful drive the creative writer.   These are the values that make up the woman who is known for building connections among others.  The curious child within is the driving force behind the endless questions and yearning to understand and share the wisdom learned.

A career therefore spent talking, writing, learning, and sharing is the result.  The author, speaker, and coach with a million questions still to be asked of the world, and a million ways to view the answers given – that is Dixie Maria Carlton.

Join the Chatter

Dixie sure has a lot to say about all these things having experienced a lot about life, love, loss, and living in her 50-something years so far.  So come on and let’s explore words, topics, things that matter. 

Are You Ready to Write a BOOK?

Indie Experts is headed up by Dixie and indie publishing legend Anne Dettori Wilson, with a team of dynamic designers, editors, and platform specialists. We focus on nurturing your manuscript from Before you write it, through all the development, design, production, then the Publishing processes, before ensuring you get to maximise your author leverage options. 

Need a Speaker, Coach, or Just a Chat?

If you're not  quite sure what you need, but someone suggested you need a good dose of 'Dixie Time', then let's work out a time to connect, and take it from there. I can offer you Online hangout time, webinars, coaching, online courses, or just a direct one-to-one consult time as a starting point. (Intro-Chat fee of $99 applies for first 60 minutes) 

Taboo Conversations and 'That' Book!

I love having conversations that matter about topics that many prefer to avoid - but if we have those discussions, often we're better able to navigate through our relationships and situations more easily. Be it Sex, Death, Mental Health, or Mid-life Relationships...

Let's explore those Taboo Conversations starting HERE


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