WELCOME – you might have come here because…

You wrote a book,

You really want to or even maybe NEED to write a book…

A book that works hard for you, to position you as a highly credible authority, an expert in your industry….

Maybe you’re already a professional speaker, or want to be one, and know that a high quality book is your most valuable marketing asset. 

Then please enter, read on, enjoy the journey… you’re in the right place and I’ll look after you, as your guide and navigator.
But first, settle in for some background on how this all works…

Maybe you’re seeking Content Development support….

Perhaps you have some great stories to share and hard earned wisdom to pass on… maybe you’re stuck on what’s relevant, what’s important and meaningful, or you’re lost in the details.  

I have been igniting and curating conversations with random strangers since I was a very small precocious red headed baby. I have no fear of striking up a conversation with anyone, anytime, anywhere, learning new things from people I meet and easily asking tough questions.

I also know how to help others to have those tough conversations – tackling the taboo topics that many of us are terrified of, with grace and ease. And then how and where to share that learning, your legacy of wisdom with others across multiple platforms, but usually, we start with a book.

The Magic of the Word Witch…

The Image of Dixie standing strong with a story book erupting in flames, as a small white origami bird takes flight….

The story book represents the fact that everyone has a story – something that has brought them to this place, this time, with this knowledge and wisdom to share. The white dove of peace is represented by a white origami bird… the words of the story rising up to take flight from the pages of our past, to bring meaning to our future.

 Dixie is a writer, wordsmith, provocateur of thought and wisdom. She is also  the curator of conversations that have meaning and depth, with countless people from all walks of life, histories, genders, and cultures. As such she can help take a story from anyone, and help them find the meaning, and bring that to life for the benefit of those who are meant to share in that story. Whether student, mentor, teacher, or artist.  Each story is what is derived from all our journeys – how we choose to perceive our own stories is part of what brings us into the light.

“When we stand in our power – we light up dark corners”

Let’s explore that….

Publishing Support

I'm often asked to help people with the publishing of their books, and I love to do this work.  But first, I believe you need a great manuscript and if you've already written your book and it's ready for publishing that's fantastic, but first, we need to get a few...