I’m often asked to help people with the publishing of their books, and I love to do this work. 

But first, I believe you need a great manuscript and if you’ve already written your book and it’s ready for publishing that’s fantastic, but first, we need to get a few things sorted.

  • Is it ready for editing, or ready for publishing?
  • Where exactly are you on your authority journey?
  • What are you hoping to achieve with your book?
  • Who is your market?
  • What is your preferred timing for publishing?

These are the questions that first need to be asked, and answered.  If you have progressed all the way through the first stages of testing, editing, and even have your design and formatting sorted, there are a few ways you can progress through the actual publishing steps.

But there are still more questions we need to ask and have answered.

  • How do you feel about Amazon?
  • Do you know about your Print on Demand Options?
  • Are you publishing a short book or a big book?
  • Ebook, Audio, Print?
  • Do you have some set ideas yet about pricing?
  • Have you a solid presence on Linked in? or any ofther Social Media channels?

Yes, I can definitely help you to navigate your way through the entire self publishing journey of your Non-Fiction book.  But let’s start with a call, talk about your book, and all these questions, so we know what we’re dealing with.

“I’ve had some authors call me to say they are ready to publish and have only so far written an unedited first draft of 80,000 words.  That’s not even close to being ready, and in one case, we ended up turning that book into two books, which went on to become best sellers and award winning books that really do work hard for that particular author.”

I like getting back to basics. 

So let’s start back there at having a conversation about your book and go from there. 


I also HIGHLY recommend you read this before you go any further on your Authority Journey – it will help you!

I wrote it FOR YOU to help you understand the publishing process – and here’s a sneak preview of the first couple of chapters to get you started. 


  • I charge $250 for this 1 hour meeting, and I guarantee value in our time together.
  • Manuscript assessments start at $500.