When you work with Dixie…

…you’re going to be a lot more than you bargained for… as one client put it, she’s like an iron fist in a velvet glove.  As you’re likely to see when you pop over to the Testimonials page here, Dixie is well known for getting things done, expertise and focus, and knows the publishing industry better than most coaches who might help with content curation.

You’re options to work with Dixie and her team are very straightforward. If you’re seeking help to get your book written, you can either download the tools, templates, and books written by Dixie about what is involved, how to DIY, or you can get a good overview and then book a meeting to discuss your project as it relates to Ghost Writing, Done For You, or Collaborative Content Curation options.

It STARTS with the DRAFT of the manuscript, then once you have a high quality mansuscript ready for testing, then completing, then you move into the editing phase, before producing your book and preparing to publish.

Everything centers around the Tri-Variant Content Framework that Dixie has been developing, testing, and refining through hundreds of books since 2006.

After Your Book is Published…

If you’ve worked with Indie Experts, then you’ll know how focused we are on the Before, During and AFTER stages of your book writing journey. After your book is published, there may be a bit of a lag time where you’re wondering about the ‘What’s Next’ steps and the direction you need to take. You may well be missing having that regular interaction with us to develop new ideas, marketing strategies, and accountability to implement all that great thinking.

Part of your journey as an authority includes:

  • Blogging
  • Podcasting
  • Social media updates and extension
  • Speaking development – training, keynotes, marketing
  • Resource creation – new tools and ideas to share
  • Building a following and a database

Essentially, this is about all the additional things you need to do to engage with, sell to, and get yourself and your book into the hands of those who need your expertise. So, I’ve created a few options to help you continue to achieve positive outcomes as the author of your book, the authority in your field of expertise.

Marketing Yourself as an Expert Who Speaks and Writes…

Let’s work through the Indie Experts Marketing Plan that includes identifying where you can be a guest presenter, what handouts and calls to action you’ll need, the biggest fears, frustrations, desires and needs your market has and how you can be a shining light in their world with what you have to offer. This takes time, and we have extensive resources to help you set targets and stay on track with these things. This is the ADVANCED level of coaching for experts and for that reason, a minimum of 12 sessions over 3 or 6 months is required.

Got a BIG  project and need more help than that?

Dixie can customise anything to suit your needs. Maybe it’s an update of an older book, a total refresh of your marketing strategy, a key event coming up you need extra help thinking out, refining, and developing. Creating a training program, preparing for a special keynote presentation, or just mapping out your next book. Talk to Dixie anytime about what you need.   Note: Some of these options are ideally for authors I’ve already worked with. 

Do you need help with the actual publishing journey? 

Do you have a book that is written but you’re not sure what your next steps are to getting it publishing and out to your readers?  CLICK HERE

Dixie also has a great GHOST WRITING service if you need it all Done For You – Click Here for details


The Most Advanced Option…

You might be ready to join the Pages to Stages Mastermind Group – this is where we network, meet to explore development options, and grow your skills as an author who speaks. 

For more information, click on the image and get ready this more advanced Expert’s Development Program – after you wrote a book!


The Exclusive 1:1 VIP Service

For Authors needing ‘Done For You’ high level marketing and coaching support.
Limited access.  

For several years now, Dixie has been working one-on-one to develop authors across all their requirements for website, social media, speaking, and coaching them through the many aspects of the advanced authority journey. This is now available for anyone who already wrote a book, and wants to fully extend themselves into the wider range of options for getting leverage on sharing their expertise. This level of service is limited to a handful of clients only, as it’s very bespoke, and hands-on – as in Done For You in many instances. Or our team might work closely with your marketing and support team to ensure you get the best advice and guidance to support the executive expert’s coaching that underlines this VIP Program.  This is paid monthly, and usually lasts for 6-18 months, and depends on your exact needs and intentions re your next steps on the Authority Journey.

Only for existing Non-Fiction Authors, and only for serious industry experts who want to grow their opportunities as AUTHORITIES!             

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