Ghost Writing ‘Done For You or With You’ Service

If you’re here you’re feeling stuck and in need of some help getting your stories identified and written as part of either a book or a special marketing project.

Relax – we can help with that…

But first… it’s ok if you’re struggling with this.

Did you know that many authors don’t write their own books?

 “It’s too hard, too much time, I don’t know where to start…”  those are the common reasons given. But a book is the validation of your expertise.

  • It’s a means of ensuring your market understands what you know, and how you can best serve them.
  • Unlike webinars and podcasts, it’s also a great way to get reviews and referrals.
  • A book is also a brilliant way to create content for multiple platforms to use in your marketing throughout the year.

Really, a book written by you is the very best form of marketing you can use.
Because it profiles you as an expert, an authority in your industry.

Did you know you can also use a book to easily ensure you’re marketing funnel is full? Clients can be invited to line up to work with you or have you speak at their event.  And that your fees can also increase ahead of your competitors as a result of having a book – especially a best-selling book featuring your brilliant case studies and wisdom.

If you want to add a book to your marketing ecosystem, you can easily do this,
without writing it yourself, within just a few months.

Yes – without you personally having to write every week – you can create a marketing tool that helps ensure your prospects are pre-qualified, ready for your best offer, and lining up to work with you.

How you do this is by engaging a ghost writer. 

But not just any ghost writer! 

  • You want someone who has experience at getting the best content curated for others.
  • Someone who will treat your content and the fact that they mostly wrote your book for you with discretion and confidentiality at all times.
  • You want someone who understands the entire process of getting content out of your head and into the hands of your market.
  • You want someone who has developed books across multiple genres and many into being best-selling, high performing marketing products.

You want me!


Since 2008 I’ve ghost written more than a dozen books for authors across a range of non-fiction topics. I’ve helped more than 200 authors achieve their dream of writing and publishing a book. Many are best-selling authors, award winning entrepreneurs, and one even gave me a bonus worth double the contract fee because she was so delighted with the results!

I get compliments and endorsements such as:

  • My best book ever!
  • I was a best-selling author in under 6 months – wow!
  • I could not have done this without you!
  • Outstanding service…

(Now I can’t betray my ghost writing authors anonymity by specifying who these people are, but if you wish to check on any of my endorsements, I can provide full disclosure if requested with many of the authors I’ve worked with – and many brilliant testimonials are on my website and LI profile too).

Here’s the simple 2 options you can access right now to get your writing sorted for you:

Or just read on for more information about Ghost Writing options…

Because I get that some people like to do lots of research before talking to a human, and others like to just ‘get that conversation happening’.  

THE PROCESS of getting your content out of your head is …

As Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4...

I don’t want you to feel stuck – and I’ll hold your hand through the process so you’re feeling confident all the way as we get your content out of your head and ready to use as a book or other marketing content.

1: We map out your content plan together – 2-3 hours should do it.

2: I interview you, or use your podcast or training materials to create your manuscript…

3: You get weekly content to check and confirm so you’re happy with the progress and the content as you go. No surprises at the months of waiting around – it’s all  unfolding as we go.

4: After 4 months you have a completed manuscript ready for testing, editing, and production.

A Four Month Process

Four Monthly Payments

And in 2023 you’re an author with a potentially best-selling book working hard for you to ensure your marketing is attracting the best customers for you to work with.

As a special bonus, you also get a comprehensive written plan for how to produce, publish, and promote your book based on more than 200 books I’ve successfully helped develop, publish, and market for authors around the world since 2005.

If you need help with that part of the process, I can also take care of all or part of that for you too.


Your Investment:

Some ghost writers charge an average of $1.00 per word – for a 30,000 word book (average 170 pages) that’s a big investment. Even as a marketing tool, you’d want to be sure of a solid return on your investment for that kind of fee.

I don’t charge that much – because I have developed a few very straightforward ways to ensure your book is written as a high functioning marketing tool, not as a doorstopper, footstool sized, impressively overpacked collection of everything you have learned over decades of being an expert.

The book you need as a high functioning marketing tool is 20-30,000 words, breadcrumbed with points that direct readers to your well thought out call to action links.  A book that is written in such a way that it really does get read all the way to the end, not just skimmed only as far as the fourth chapter.

If you’d like to explore more about how to get your book written for you 2023, or how to work collaboratively with a professional writer to
we can offer a 
Done FOR You or Done WITH You Option  

  • Access my Calendar for a discovery session to talk about our potential for working together on your book. Here’s the LINK

This is your chance to discover how you can have your book written for you by END of 2023, so that you can become a highly acclaimed industry expert within a few months, by getting your marketing tools really working hard for you.

Let’s learn more about each other…
Heres’ that calendar link again.