Snail Mail is so ‘last century’ right? 

But sometimes you just gotta meet, talk, connect. 

So here are a few options for connecting with me. 

The best way to get my attention is to email me using this form below. I promise to respond within a day or two – mostly it will be a matter of hours.

If your inquiry is urgent, please specify this in the subject line.  All spammers will  be  reported and I’ll cast spells on your wobbly bits! 

Sorry  I stopped offering my phone number due to spammers, but please use the link below,
or the form here to access me asap. Thanks.

If you’re keen to hurry up and just book a time for us to talk, please use my booking system below and you’ll find when I’m available – Easy peasy!

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We promise not to bombard you with too much information, or irritate you with irrelavant details. And we’ll never share your details with anyone else, for any reason.