From the first word to my finished book Dixie stood by me, coaching and guiding me in the direction of becoming an authority and even more passionate about feet. Dixie holds the big picture of what it takes to publish a book, drip feeding you so it does not seem overwhelming.

I highly recommend Dixie to anyone who is looking for support and guidance as they create and become their own authority.

Bernie Landels UK, Author: Finding their Feet

Dixie’s knowledge and expertise in the book publishing world is outstanding. Her extensive understanding of the industry is matched this with professional service and support. Dixie has helped many authors to become high profile on many platforms and will guide you gently through the progress. If you have a book waiting to launch from idea to authority – Dixie is your key to success!Karen Tui Boyes CSP, Author, Speaker, Global Educator

I have recently published my first book. It has been one of the biggest challenges and rollercoaster rides of my life. Dixie has been my awesome publishing coach over the past 4 months. She took my book, helped restructure it, edit it, organise the cover design and electronic and print publishing. Her knowledge of this complex area is exhaustive. But more than that, her support, enthusiasm and encouragement was fantastic. I can’t recommend Dixie enough to others going through a similar journey.
Leonie Freeman, Author: Ready Set Grow

I recently had the pleasure of hearing Dixie present at The Plan B Summit in Namibia. Put simply, she really knows her stuff when it comes to publishing. And not only the publishing itself, but everything that goes into creating a sustainable business stream through the book. Dixie has a great way of simplifying the complex in this field and I came away unexpectedly feeling much more knowledgable than when I arrived – that is the sign of both an expert and great communicator. Thanks Dixie, for demystifying publishing. Your advice was awesome!
Jackie Handey UK, FPSA, FREC

From having no idea what I was doing when I was thinking about writing a book, to now seeing the book come to fruition, none of this would have happened without Dixie’s very capable yet humorous and supportive guidance. Not only has she guided me through the writing of the manuscript, she has helped me to see a wide array of complementary activities that go hand-in-hand with the book. Tremendous vision, awesome attention to detail, passionate about her work! I am recommending her to anyone who is passionate about writing a book and to be guided and encouraged along the way. Kathy Rees, Author: The Courageous Auditor

As a speaker and business coach, not being an author was a gap in my “authenticity” marketing. I didn’t know where to start and Dixie Carlton made the process seamless. From the seed of an idea to becoming an Amazon Best Seller happened in 6 months. To say I was stunned was an understatement!
Jo Hassan, Author: Full Circle

Maria took me from absolute novice to best selling author, without her invaluable help the book would still be in my head and not on paper! Her patience and assistance at every stage was fantastic and I cannot recommend her highly enough.
John Shackleton, CSP, Author: Life is for Living


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