Exploring Sensual Touch as We Grow Older

When  Some Things Work Better…and Better as We Age!

Let’s talk about TOUCH for a minute. Ever wondered if our bodies change much over time? Well we only have to glance in the mirror to see they do. But aside from appearance, let’s explore how they feel. I did a post some time ago around the emergence of new erogenous zones as we age, and how valuable it is to take the time and explore these.

For example, what about suspending all your current beliefs and understanding about your own and your partner’s body, and (use a blindfold if you wish – it does help) and exploring with your fingertips aras you may not have ever thought of as particularly sensitive before – and certainly not in a sexual way. Some interesting places include the inside of elbows, feet, ankles, ear lobes, back of the neck, curve of the shoulder… you may be very pleasantly surprised. Gobsmacked even.

The thing is, when we’re with someone for a long time – years even – we may not think to consider stepping outside what’s worked before. What I’ve noticed is that not only are the touch points different than maybe 20 or 30 years ago, but even the orgasms are more varied.

It takes thinking about to not do the same old same old, and time aside to really ‘do this’ indulgently. Talk about it first, set the scene, maybe a bath, massage oil, and set the intention to NOT make it a sexual thing.

It may of course lead to the best sex you ever had – and probably will – but by approaching this as being about slow new exploration, you will discover new things about yourself and each other differently.

Once you get good at this – try ‘rediscovering’ the new or evolved pleasure points in your traditional erogenous zones… combined, this could quite simply blow your mind about what pleasure, sensuality, and intimacy is really all about. 



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