Reviews can be an author’s best friend

After waiting with  baited breath, chewing my nails down to nearly my elbows, finally a handful of reviews are starting to roll in from people who have read my new book – Margaret – a song out of time.   WHEW – it’s always a relief to hear that people have really enjoyed what you have written, but exciting when they say they ‘loved it’.

Check this out – and if you are currently reading this book  or any other, please remember to take a minute and post a review as it’s SOOOOO very helpful to authors.  And not just when a book first launches, but anytime.   Keep them coming!  Thanks.
Margaret - A Song Out of TimeMargaret – A Song Out of Time by Dixie Carlton

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Dixie Maria Carlton is a dedicated 'Word Witch' curating conversations, connections, and confidence through her special ability to write, speak, and inspire. She is an author of business books, motivational and inspirational books, as well as historical and contemporary romance, speaks around the world, and loves to laugh, puppies, and great movies!