How to Write and Publish a Book to Attract The Clients You Really Want to Work With

What’s your story?  How can you use it to make a difference to the kind of work you most want to do?

Dixie has nurtured and curated more than 100 books for Rebels, Trailblazers, and Game Changers around the world since 2006, and can take you on a journey of how to chapter the best parts of your story to demonstrate your specialist knowledge and expertise.  She is one of the world’s top publishing coaches specialising in Publishing 3.0 – and founder of Indie Experts – the Non-Fiction Specialist Publishing Services company.

When your branding is strong, your marketing works harder to ensure all your Advertising is more effective!

When it comes to marketing it really is that simple!  And this is the key message I leave my audiences with when presenting topics related to my books on business, story writing for marketing success, or marketing and branding.

I’ve been speaking for 16 years and have presented professionally in the USA, Australia, UK, New Zealand and the Cook Islands.  

I personally guarantee your satisfaction with my presentation and professionalism.

Interactive Workshop |  Keynote Presentation  – Your Choice!

Outstanding Communication from Every Platform

Writing a book or a blog, speaking at the MDRT or in the boardroom, sending Email or snail mail, there are many ways to communicate well, and give power to your message.   There are also a lot of ways to miscommunicate – Dixie will share secrets of excellent communication for business and daily life to ensure you are perfectly well understood when it counts!

Whether you are in retail or a service based industry such as trade or professional, my keynote presentations will leave you with fresh ideas on growing your business that you can implement immediately.

My topics can be delivered as an interactive hands-on-lets-make-change-now workshop, or as a more hard hitting key-note presentation to stir up the thinking part of your entrepreneurial mind about getting more out of your business.  You choose!

Topics relative to Marketing, Branding, and Communication:

What’s your story, who cares, and why it matters!

How can you get people talking about you positively, and writing great testimonials for you.   What people are saying about what you do is an important way to ensure excellent word or mouth marketing results – Dixie will share how to capture and nurture those moments when your clients become your Raving Fans.

In 2018 – this was a keynote developed and delivered to the Joinery Manufacturers Association of NZ.   Here’s what they said:

“Dixie Maria Carlton spoke at our Master Joiners conference, with a common sense and easily understood approach to achieving business success. Using stories to explain points made, her presentation was customised to suit the audience and gave valuable insights on successful marketing and branding.  we had excellent feedback from our members.  She also very kindly provided an audio file of the presentation to be forwarded to the audience following conference.” Corinne Moore, Executive Officer, Master Joiners.