Speaker Topic: Stories make the facts STICKY!

Sharing your case studies, history, and purpose for better connection through your marketing

Your case studies matter, your story matters, your history and how you came to this place in your life, your business, this particular cross roads, it all matters.  A Lot!

So let’s unpack this through learning How you can share this for your own market, to better understand your Why!  What makes you want to do what you do, and why should your customers care?  

One of the best ways to convey this is by writing a book. Or creating a content plan that is all about sharing your stories in a way that reaches your market.  

Dixie knows how to help you unpack this, identify what is worth sharing, and how to best do that for your specific authority journey.  

Join Dixie as she shares the secrets to great story telling for business and marketing results. Maybe it’s a book, maybe it’s a blog, or maybe a combination of media and platforms.  The Book Option is further explained by ensuring you get to understand the critical 10 steps to planning, writing, production and publishing in this keynote or workshop. 

Speaker Topics:

Reimaging Your Marketing …

Through the power of your stories

The problem with many marketing strategies is that they don’t focus enough on the power of stories, to ensure target markets understand the background, the why, and there purpose of a product or service. But what if you reimagine your marketing strategy through the power of sharing your best case studies, and the journey of how you came to be here, in this place and why that matters to your potential customers.

Come on a journey with me to explore how to best identify what to share of those stories and where to put them so that your brand grows through the strength of what you share.

This Keynote will focus on:

  • How to identify what are your best stories to share as part of your marketing.
  • How to curate and share great case studies – including confidential ones.
  • What your target market most wants to learn about you.
  • Creating a content plan as part of your marketing strategy.

Your Authority Journey 

How and why a book can fit into your marketing ecosystem and transform your business.

First you need to know that writing a book is not for everyone, but there are a number of common mistakes to avoid, and a critical set of steps to take to succeed in this undertaking.  Dixie has assisted in the development, production, and publishing of approximately 200 non-fiction books and understands the Before, During, and AFTER parts of the process extremely well.  How to then leverage expertise for authors who write and speak is also part of the Authority Journey, and Dixie is the guide you want most to help you avoid the minefield of expensive mistakes.

This keynote will focus on the 10 steps from Idea to Authority.  It’s fun, story based – because Stories make the facts Sticky, and will leave audiences with practical resources and know how to take away and get started easily.

Thes are both 45-60 minute Keynote presentations or can be extended into a follow up breakout session or training event.

Best audiences for this includes marketing managers, entrepreneurs, industry experts and trailblazing coaches.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to plan your content
  • Where to share it
  • What is worth sharing
  • Turning facts into memorable stories

Resources Shared:

  • Planning Guides
  • Social media posting plan
  • Authority Island e-Book
  • Follow up Webinar and/or APP access