Off to a flying start with the new book launch last week.   My Publicist advised me yesterday that a major publication in the UK are interested in an exclusive story about me/the book… I should find out in a few days about this.

But while sales have been steady and the initial interest from reviewers is great, the real fact is that you just have to hurry up and wait to get momentum gathering with any book.  The first weeks especially can be nail biting times, as you worry about what the reviewers will say, and how readers will react.   Then you worry about whether you should be worried at all, as the smart side of your brain constantly battles with the fluffy side about the timing, and reminders that this is not a quick process.

So – to quell the nerves I started writing a new book on Wednesday night.   It’s meant putting the other one I’d started on hold for now, but this one feels more compelling to write just now.  The working title is “Leftovers” and it’s about being single in your 40s and 50s.    While I have lots of friends and am myself a case study in single-itis, I am also going to post some polls for extra information about this one.   But first, let me get the first 5000 words flowing and then I’ll start sharing ahead of the first research poll.

My fingers are quite literally itching to get writing today – so enough procrastinating over what to write by blogging and now I’ll get into the flow.   Ooh  I just love starting a new story.