Let's (change how we) talk about Sex...and Death... and a whole lot of things that challenge us daily!

If you're interested in the conversations about sex.. especially for those of us over the age of 50 then you're in the right place. Some of us are having the best sex ever, many want to be, and some don't care. But as this is one of three critical topics that are under-discussed, to the detriment of many relationships, I hope to start changing that - maybe one conversation, one couple, one individual at a time.

  • Imagine if we were ALL waking up each with with really big delicious smiles on our faces? 
  • What if SEX and SEXUALITY was not treated like a taboo subject anymore ? 

Let's start here - today!


Sex  is a great way to get your attention  - because really life isn't so much about Sex, but intimacy is critical for us if we're going to have conversations that matter and that's where my passion lies.  As a publisher, author, and professional speaker, I get to play around with words, communication, and getting to really know people and what makes us all tick.  I can tell you that without making time for 'making time' just to be connected, and to share time and space together a lot more, our entire world starts to lose the ability to meet through conversations that matter.  We lose our ability for understanding, tolerance, trust, empathy.  

Why not join me on a quest to see how we can extend our ability to be more connected with each other...

Are You Ready To Transform Your Life?

People are talking already about "That Sex Book", which is great, because that was the point in writing it... but it's not about the sex... Huh?

No it's really NOT about the sex... although if you are keen to discover more about how to be having mind blowing Sex in your mid and later years, you will find some great ideas for this in  The TABOO Conversation (AKA "That Sex Book"). But what it's really all about is starting better and more meaningful conversations between couples, friends and even family, and identifying what you most want/need for yourself, and how to get that. 

In a Recent Survey of men and women 50 -75 years young:

52% of People
Said they were having  sex more than weekly

22% of People
Said they wanted to spice things up a bit

70% of People
Said they were into erotic massage!

Want more Fun Facts?

Why Not Indulge in Some Delicious Horizontal Happiness?  

Whether you are single, part of a couple, or somewhere in between right now, you have the right to a lasting relationship with pleasure.  Getting that part of your life sorted maybe much easier than you think, and one of the keys to this is working out what your greatest wants, needs, desires and fears are, sexually.  Then it's about articulating those to yourself, and your partner.  Where to start?  Let's talk about that, and some of the many ways you can start to enjoy, or expand on, the potential for the very best years of your life. In the movie about you, let's feature more connection, increased sensuality, feeling great about who you are in and out of bed, and much more intimacy in your relationships. 

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Meet Dixie Carlton: Author, Speaker, Word Witch!
STOP PRESS - Dixie Carlton listed as one of the 25 Hottest Creative Thinkers of 2020!  by 25 Hottest Magazine (USA)

Dixie has been indulging her passion for fascinating conversations with random people since she could talk.  Hospital waiting rooms were a regular source of inspiration as a young child beacause people were always far more interesting than the toys in the corner.  A precocious red headed toddler grew into a curious and sometimes outspoken adult who continues to talk with people about deep and meaningful things. Standing in line at the bank, elevators, and waiting rooms are all great places to meet people – and here’s where some extraordinary friendships and connections have been made.

Dixie spends her life talking with people and sharing stories.   Now – her books are focused on those stories, and how to share them so that they mean something to those who get to read them.

A desire to help, communicate better, and freedom to explore deeply things that are meaningful - that is what drives this creative writer.   These are the values that make up the woman who is known for building connections between others.  The curious child within is the driving force behind the endless questions and  a deep yearning to understand and share the wisdom learned.    A career therefore spent talking, writing, learning, and sharing is the result.  

Dixie Maria Carlton is the author, speaker, and coach with a million questions...