For New Authors…Start with the Draft

Dear Author, 

Did someone suggest you should write a book? 

A book about that thing you do or did, that makes you an expert on how to survive, thrive, or teach others about doing that thing you do?

Well then you most likely should indeed write a book. 

BUT BEFORE YOU DO… let’s have a fireside chat about some of the realities of your book project, so that you can start strong, make it really work for you, and always feel great about your book.

From more than 200 book projects, including nearly 20 titles of my own, and at least one dozen I’ve ghost written for others, I’ve learned a lot about the process of writing, producing, and publishing non-fiction. And I can tell you, that ‘just starting with an idea’ or a list of chapter headings is not the way to begin such a project.

There are several mistakes first time authors make when writing a book – and I’ve an entire video dedicated to explaining these further below.


The Top FIVE…

  1. They don’t approach this with a clear plan in mind
  2. They don’t really understand their target market
  3. They don’t plan a specific outcome or Call to Action for the reader to take
  4. They don’t identify this as being a real project and establish the parameters for that before starting.
  5. They don’t know which stories to share, or how to write them well.

Within each of these is the seeds to resolve these, but working with a clear set of objectives and a plan for your contents is critical to your success.

How to fast track your success in getting started


It’s called the Tri-Variant Framework™ for Non-fiction Content.

If you’ve already read my book – Start with the Draft, you’ll be familiar with this concept.  It’s a simple matter of three x three, x three (3 parts x 3 chapters per part x 3 sections per chapter). Getting this out of your head, and into a format that you can call a book manuscript starts with the planning, then creating the draft, which is  tested, and then refined, before editing and production which leads to publishing your book.

The Book ‘Start with the Draft’ makes it really easy for you to do this all by yourself. But many new authors want a bit more than the total DIY option, and so I created a very special option for you to consider, and here’s what you can easily tap into for that extra support as your Start with Your Draft.

Imagine having a book that works hard for you, to establish credibility, verify your expertise, and open doors for you to work with your ideal clients all the time.  A book that is a highly sophisticated sales generator to take the hard work out of marketing, sales, and brand position that means you can attract clients to you in your business.  Your manuscript deserves to be well written so Start With the Draft, and access the best in support and resources available to you to keep you focused, on track, and feeling confident about writing your book.

If you’d like your book written for you or you’d like to collaborate with a professional writer

to curate your content, here are two great options: 

1: Join our AUTHORITY AUTHOR Program

A four-month combination of group and personal coaching, featuring the Tri-Variant Framework. You start with a personal strategy session, and then continue to do the writing at your own pace, with 3x monthly coaching sessions with Dixie.  You have access to loads of recourses, tools, and of course the Online APP for additional support, and a BONUS review of your draft prior to editing. 


You can also opt for hands on help to write most of your manuscript, and you’ll get weekly coaching and reviews of your content as you go.

Details for these are via a call to discuss your needs further.  Please book a call with Dixie here to work through the options that might suit you best. 

We can also assist with the entire Editing, Design, Publishing process, and then work with you beyond your book, in our VIP Pages to Stages Program