This was released in March 2014, and follows the story of a young woman in the 1930’s, 40’s, and 50’s, who did not wish to follow the traditional path of many other women and settle for being a wife and mother.  Instead, she ran away from home,  became a jazz singer in a downtown club, and had affairs that ended in heartbreak.   Much like any young woman 50 years later, she danced, sang, had a lot of fun, fell in love, and made mistakes in both her love life and career.   However, in the 1930s – 1950s, society frowned upon such wanton ways, and judged women who found themselves without a husband cruelly compared to several generations later.
This story is about a real woman who’s name was Margaret, and who did live well ahead of her time.  It’s a story that delves into the choices forced upon women of that era, and the consequences of not conforming to social expectations of women.


  • Review –  Excellent! I would buy this book. In fact, I’m dying to know what happens to Margaret.
  • I can’t wait to hear the rest of Margaret’s story, I feel I know her already. There is something uniquely New Zealand in the way Dixie shares the story, painting a compelling story of the history shared by many of us whose families were amongst the earliest settlers.
  • Magically woven by authoress Dixie Carlton, ‘Margaret’ is every woman who has experienced the wrath of an overbearing father and the journey of rebellion which follows. A good story is one which causes me to daydream while tending other mundane duties the path of my new friend. ‘Margaret’ does just that, and I find myself turning to her and wondering where her next steps will take us. All the elements of a feature motion picture. Well done Dixie Carlton

Beyond the Shadows

A romance with rules, a frustrated former lover, and living on two separate continents. Well that’s one way to start a relationship…
Penny and Erik have been in previous relationships, each bringing their own expectations and fears, mostly about the potential to damage their long distance friendship. Helena however has other ideas for them both. As she follows them discreetly at first, her jealousy turns ugly and dangerous to the lovers who must try to make their relationship work within the confines of the rules they set at the start.
Twists and turns in this modern romance will leave the reader wondering just what lies ahead as Penny and Erik’s journey takes them from southern Italy to the beaches in Fiji, until finally they gather under stormy skies in Cornwall England where they must face their fears and fight for the opportunity to love each other.
Sexy, dark, and romantic.   A great weekend read!