Before you even START to write your FIRST book…Read this one!

Whether you’ve already started to write, are still thinking about writing, have written already, or are anywhere on the road to publishing a non-fiction book, this book will guide you through the process. From starting, finishing and polishing your manuscript, to understanding the self publishing vs traditional publishing models and then handling your marketing and distribution challenges you’ll find out how to AVOID Expensive learning curves and traps for new authors!
With the experience of publishing, marketing, and distributing dozens of non-fiction books in the last 10 years, Dixie Maria Carlton openly shares all that she’s learned about the process of going from Idea to Author-ity that will save any author time, significant money, and frustration when faced with “I wrote a book – now what?”
Having helped more than 50 authors, to write/publish/market/distribute and get leverage on their books, Dixie knows what it takes to get from just having a ‘gem of an idea’ all the way through to actually earning an income from writing books and using them as a paid expert or thought leader. A strong background in promotional marketing, social media, and being entrenched in the global professional speaking industry for many years, Dixie and knows how it all fits together too.


1: Planning and Writing Your Manuscript
2: Finishing the First Draft
3: Pre-Press and Production
4: Book Design
5: How to Get and Use Great Reviews
^: Printing Options
7: The Publishing Industry
8: Publicity
9: Distribution
10: Talk It Up
11: Online Marketing Options
12: Using Social Media to Promote Your Book
13: Get Ready to Sign Copies
Bonus Chapter – WORDPRESS for Authors
This book also includes a simple template for helping you plan and layout your book so that writing it is easier than you ever imagined, ensuring it has excellent (reading) flow.

The Small Business Owners Guide to Understanding Marketing Jargon for More Effective Results.

When it comes to marketing your understanding of the basics can potentially save you thousands of dollars on advertising, marketing and branding. This book covers the basics of each of the key areas of marketing and branding, including:
•Identifying Target Markets
•Marketing and Brand Planning
•Media and Promotions
•Websites and Social Media
•Customer Service Essentials
•Gaining Repeat and New Business
•Building Your Reputation Through Public Relations
This book will help you to understand the basics of business and marketing plans, branding, image, customer service and public relations so that you can grow your business through simple and smart marketing practices. Getting the basics right can make such a difference to the outcomes. Measuring the results of your advertising can lead to effective decision making about what to spend and where to invest your marketing budget.
When you understand ‘how it works’ you get a lot more punch out of your advertising and marketing campaigns.

Bonus tools and templates included.

If you are in business for the first time, or the 100th time, getting your marketing right and understanding the basics is going to save you a lot of money in experimenting, time wasted in taking pot shots at advertising, and frustration when you find out how much easier it could have been to get it right the first time.
Dixie Maria Carlton has helped dozens of businesses, entrepreneurs, and managers to sort out their marketing plans, get them free and low cost publicity, and to rise to the very top of their industries by using their resources, reputation, and brand differences to stand out from the crowd. This includes helping them several clients to become national and international award winning specialists in their industries.