The concept of Guru-dom is not about what we call ourselves but how we do what we do when we share wisdom, expertise, and stories that help others. 

I’ve resisted the word Guru for years.  I don’t personally think of myself in that way and the very few people I’ve met in the world who have referred to themselves as ‘guru’s are often best avoided charlatans of one kind or another.   However, I’ve also met many really interesting people who are totally at the top of their game, blessed with so much knowledge, wisdom, expertise, and experience that it’s easy to see why others might refer to them using the G Word.

My work is with people like that who truly have a lot to share, and are ‘the real deal’. But what to call them? How is it possible to group these people under a word that actually conveys this. Competitions, brainstorming think-tanks and late night wine-fueled table talk have all yielded nothing better.  And so – I’m writing today about the very concept of what I have begun to refer to as ‘Guru-dom’.

Guru-dom (def.) is that state which highly knowledgeable, articulate experts use to share their wisdom for the benefit of others who seek to learn from them.

There are rules for those entering the world of Guru-dom such as:

Never refer to oneself as a ‘guru’.

Never refer to your own self using the G-Word because it’s just unnecessary. Real people with high levels of knowledge, wisdom, and experience to share are best to share it without being ego-driven.  Self-proclaimed Gurus are usually highly driven by ego.

Always speak your truth.

Always speak Truth because egg on the face of any enlightened talented expert is going to be continually icky.   Icky in a smelly rotten egg kind of way.  The kind of smell that lingers, follows you around and eventually catches up with you again someday when least expected or desired.

Share for the benefit of others freely and with a smile on your face.

Share for the benefit of others with a smile on your face simply because you feel drawn to share. It’s part of your life’s journey.  Don’t do it just for the money – by all means you should be paid, and well rewarded for sharing, but don’t hesitate to share for the good of sharing when there’s a chance to do so too.  That’s also how we can change the world… one smile and story at a time.

Don’t hide your light under a bushel!

If you are someone who should be part of the Guru-dom concept and the world of sharing, then it serves no one at all to be less than you can be.  It serves no one at all for you to hide your stories, tell only part of the story, or hold back on being the very best version of yourself.

Being part of the Guru-dom concept is a movement in the 21st Century that comes with responsibilities.  You have arrived at this place and time because you have the ability to change someone’s viewpoint, way of being, or maybe even history through your spoken or written words.    This is not about religious views or politics.  This is about being the best you can be, and inspiring others to do the same.  Period.   Imagine if the whole world was like that, every day!

Go on – take a moment and do that… close your eyes and breathe in that idea.

So don’t take the responsibility of sharing lightly.  But don’t take it too seriously either.  Have fun, be yourself, have bad days, get angry even if you need to sometimes, but go peacefully, with purpose onto any stage.  Write with integrity and love for your readers.  Be who you are, and love yourself enough to treat yourself kindly.

Every day.