Updates and revised editions can make a huge difference to the life of a blog, series of articles, and books. If you’ve spent a gazillion hours, dollars, and energy in creating something then why not review the old and refresh it occassionally to save yourself some of the hard work of starting fresh?

Do you really believe that the blogs you posted 3-5 years ago are still being read? By the same people? Or that the topics you wrote about then are now redundant? Why would that be?

There is so much content in the world right now, that no one has time to go searching back over your old stuff – but doing a quick refresh and release is worth doing when you’re committed to regular posting of content.

If cover designs, or headlines, titles, or subtitles are failing to impress then updating these too can rejuvenate your content and is also worth doing. We have some authors who having created a great series of books, now focus on updating them every two years on rotation so that they are constantly being refreshed, but they are not starting from scratch each time.

There is definitely marketing power in revised editions so why not tap into your old stuff and dust it off, rebadge it, add some current lines and re-impress your market with some timeless wisdom.

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