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A simple tale of three authors, three ways to write and publish a book, three different outcomes....

◆What non fiction authors really need to know getting leverage on their authority◆

Whether you’re writing non-fiction e books, or selling your expertise as a writer of blogs and articles, the business of being a writer is exactly that, a business. It’s a business for authors and experts who speak, retired professionals, people who have something to say and maybe want to change their corner of the world in some way. But what many authors don’t realise is that once the book is written, then the hard work begins as you tackle the difference between being an author vs authority.

This book covers areas authors need to know including file uploading, publishing options, social media, media training, planning your book and speaking professionally about your topic. These are the things many authors are totally unaware of at the start of their writing and publishing journey, but are critical to the success of any book.

Authority Island is a fictional tale describing the respective experiences of three non-fiction authors.

  • Independent Sue wants to do it all herself, learning mostly from the internet and a few she meets along the way. Not really wanting to put too much effort into her marketing, Sue gets to Authority Island and learns just how unprepared she is for what happens after her book is ready to publish on Amazon.
  • Bob has tapped into a lot of resources and feels confident about what he needs to do as an author and speaker, but discovers he still has a lot to do in order to master becoming an authority – despite all he’s so far invested and done to be ready for his publishing journey.
  • Kris however, works closely with people who can help her at every step of the way, so that her own learning curve is much smoother as she navigates her way around collecting the Five Keys of Authority she needs to open the Mystical Gate at the far end of the Island.

★This book is NOT an author training manual, but a story demonstrating valuable insights into what most authors need to know about:

  • publicity,
  • promotion,
  • branding,
  • social media,
  • and being an author who speaks about their expertise★

"Authority Island is a Masterclass of what authors need to know about sharing their wisdom by writing a non-fiction book" Steve Lowell, CSP and Author of Deep Thought Strategy

"This book lays out the obstacles facing any aspiring authority, and gives them hope in their darkest hours, and grounding when they fly too high." David Pisarra, Head Ghost, American Ghost Media LLC

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