As we near the time for my book launch, I’ve been struck with technical challenges; my website crashed last week and it was mission to get it back up and running, only to find that it still wasn’t quite right until today; then nerves – will my book sell, will it get good reviews, what if it doesn’t; and the biggest questions keep running through my head like ‘Can I make a living from being a writer?’ and ‘what if I die half way through writing a book – what happens to the story then?’

Ok – so it’s all just madness in my head as crunch day comes, but the excitement clearly outweighs the worry.  I’ve written other books in the fiction genre but this is very different. This feels like my youngest child is about to leave home and head off to college and I’m not sure if he’s packed enough warm clothes.

Well – I know my book is in the hands of professionals, who will also do their best to promote this book, and I have been busy doing all I can to assist that promotional activity, so in a few weeks from now, I’ll know the answer to the question about whether I should give up my day job.

For the next few days I’ll nervously wait the passing of dates on the calendar and hope that as the big day dawns, it heralds in the start of a wonderful new era for me as a writer.