I’ve decided to become a full time writer.  Bliss! I am so excited about being able to keep on top of the many tasks associated with writing and publishing books.  But – The more time I have, it seems the more time is needed to fully keep on top of the writing, the marketing, the social media, the reviews, and the… oh the list is endless.

There are many romantic ideas people have about the life of a writer.  Imagining Ernest Hemmingway lifestyles of fishing, walking beaches, drinking away the hours with friends exploring philosophies. Oh yes, that’s the life for me you might think.  The reality is it’s about chaining yourself to your pad, laptop, or desk as you commit to a number of words per day, then make time to expand your Twitter followers, write and post blogs, read about new trends, further understand Amazon, read up the latest information from Kindle, and somewhere in a regular day remember to eat and take a shower.  Yes sometimes the work really can be all-consuming and many of us might surface from our work several hours after rising to the realisation we are both hungry and in need of dressing and greeting the world should it come knocking.

As with most things, a work/life balance is all about setting intentions, limitations, exploring potential, and knowing what you really want.   Sometimes compromise is your friend, and sometimes it’s not.  But, putting your craft as a writer to the front of your list of priorities each day does ensure one thing – output.  The more you commit to writing every day, the more you will  produce good quality writing, readable stories, and hopefully income.

For me, the decision to become a full time writer fills me with dread over the certainty of paying the bills, but also with rabid excitement at the idea of having the time I know I need.   To be able to become that writer who produces, earns, and becomes completely comfortable with all aspects of this wonderful career move.

There are no shortages of stories or inspiration.  I only hope the fingers on my keyboard can keep up with my mind.