Dear Author, 

You may have decided you’re ready to write your book, and would like some level of extra help with that. You might have considered DIY option, or the minor support options, and really just want things DONE FOR YOU or Collaboratively WITH You, working directly with me, Dixie,  and my dynamic team.

Well, I’m hearing you, and am delighted you’re here – let’s explore a couple of amazing options that are likely to suit your needs. 

FIRST – I have to let you know that I understand the most critical part to get right first, is the Content Plan. Using my Tri-Variant Framework, I can take you through the planning, share resources, and connect you with a group option, as well as a little bit of personal support that is going to get you along way towards completing your manuscript draft and ready for editing, then production and publishing.

You need The Secret Sauce kind of publishing specialist and book coach who fully understands

the relationship between non-fiction authorship, professional speaking, and powerful marketing.

This is the OVERVIEW Page where you can get your head around the many ways we can assist you… scroll down for lots of information, or just CLICK on the TABS below for super-quick to access a lot of the indepth information about each of these services.

The Authority Author Option:

(3-4 Months)

A combination of group and personal coaching featuring the Tri-Variant Framework™

You do the writing and work at your own pace, with a powerful strategy session to get your plan well developed, and 3 monthly checkins to keep you on track. Supported further by the weekly LIVE sessions, as well as our comprehensive APP that walks you through all that you need to know and do to complete your manuscript, and beyond that too.

  • Starting with a personal 75-90 minute strategy session to get clear on your content plan.
    Dixie will take you through the Tri-Variant Framework to nail your content plan so you can start strong with writing your manuscript.
  • Weekly training, via webinar and the Indie Experts APP.
  • 3x coaching sessions with Dixie – delivered over 3 months
  • Access to all the videos, resources, tools and templates you need.

Value:  $4995.00 or 3 payments of $1750.00

BONUS: A review of your finished draft prior to editing – Value $750.00.

This means one of our team will take a good look at your manuscript and provide a written report on what you need to do to take it to the next stage and prepare it to get ready for editing and production.

If you haven’t read Authority Island yet, then I highly recommend you do this so you’ll understand the scope of what you are facing as an author of non-fiction, beyond publishing a book. Read sample of Authority Island Here

Authority Author:
Excellerate Option

(4-6 Months)

Done For You / Done WITH You – Your first draft completed working with the Tri-Variant Framework™, writing is done either by us, or collaboratively with you.

  • 90-minute strategy planning session to curate content plan (personalised)
  • Weekly access to online group support
  • Access to Online resources and APP for one year.
  • Weekly coaching – 12 sessions over 4 months (30-60 min each)
  • Weekly review of your content
  • Done for you – if writing the chapters is done for you, then author has to review chapters each week, and be available for interviews on topic as part of the book plan.

BONUS – Manuscript draft reviewed when finished!

You’ll also be able to access our tested and proven designers, editors, and production team if you would like to extend into that, and be supported through the production phase if you wish.

Please see the  Excellerate Extras below. 

2 x Value Options: 

1: You write your own content  – $POA
2: Ghost writing your content
via interviews or existing content – $POA

Excellerate EXTRAS

After  your manuscript is finished, we can support you with project managing your book being edited, designed, formatted, and then published.

Our editors and designers are part of an award winning team, and quite simply amazing at what they do.

$ TBA (depending on your exact editing, production, publishing requrements).

No we didn’t misspell Accelerate – Excellarate is about expediating your manuscript process, and also ensuring it’s excellence via weekly review of content and more. 


VIP Author Coaching – The Space Between Pages and Stages

After your book is published, you may require ongoing support to develop your website, speaking marketing materials, social media plan, or other aspects of being an expert who speaks. This is about the Pages to Stages space and developing you to maximise your potential in your field.

$2,000 per month – 4x coaching sessions per month – Min 3 months

VIP Done For Your Premium Program – 12 months $POA. 

Start With the Draft…

Your book may or may not be better if it’s longer, shorter, more jargon, less case studies, better facts, more bullet points, fancy images… look, the fact is that your book might end up looking and functioning at a level that surprises you and exceeds your current vision and expectations for it. But there are so many ways to write and produce a book, that it’s easy to get lost in the options, and the details.  Instead, we start with a strategic process of unpacking your ideas, your content, and then working that into a high functioning plan that either you or we (as your ghost writing team) can work with to write that important first draft and get it ready to be professionally edited, and then produced, published, and working for you.

Because I’m  your: Ghost writer | Publishing 3.0 Specialist | Professional Speaker | Best Selling Author | Marketing Communication Specialist

Which is a rare combination of skills, I’m ready to share with you.

Here is an Important BONUS Point:

You can get your book plan created easily, and your first draft written in just a few weeks

But in record time, you can convert your book plan into a marketing content sharing plan too.


Your book can help change the world, one story at a time.  It can also verify your level of expertise and help attract the kind of clients you most want to work with, for the fees you can confidently charge for your widsom and experience.

If you write a great book, it will work hard for you.

If you don’t put the effort into making it a brilliant reflection of your brand, it can hurt your brand, and even deflect successful opportunities.

So let’s get it right.

Let’s get your best content, out of your head, and plan how it’s going to positively impact on your readers, and how it can work for your business.


Some things to think about:

  • You can’t create greatness in just a few days, or weeks, you need to curate your best material, not throw it into an ‘expensive business card’ to give away.
  • You can’t just record your content and have it transcribed, withough still having a structural plan, and high quality editing – because your readers will simply not read it. Period!
  • You can’t make it happen without knowing who your readers are, and what they really want and need from you – even if they don’t know it yet!
  • Your book can help make you famous in your field of expertise. Or at least well known enough to be the go to person of note for media, ready and excited clients, and peers who want to congratulate you. Audiences who want to lean forward to hear what you have to say.
  • There’s a very tight connection between non-fiction books, speaking professionally, and marketing yourself and your business.

I can help you explore what that means, and where you need to go on that journey.

Your Authority Journey.



On the right side of this page, you’ll see a handful of some of the people I have worked with recently – some of them over several years and several books.  I Challenge you to Google them by name and see how well they pop up, how their websites look, and how easily you can estabish what they are great at, and well known for.

You’ll quickly learn when you work with me, that there is much more to your authority journey than just writing and publishing a book.  Beyond the book, how will you make it work for you? How will you leverage your expertise and wiwebsite sdom to attract the clients and opportunities you really want in 2023?

Part of your journey may require:

  • Social media upskilling, especially Linkedin for Authors;
  • Website upgrades, or website and social media profiling specific to your book;
  • Photography, branding and image development;
  • Design, personal styling, logos or imagery;
  • Videography, You Tube or Instagram training;
  • Audio production, podcasting, audio book development;
  • Speaker training to a professional level, including marketing.

It takes a team…

I work with an amazing team of specialists in all these areas to ensure that you get the very best development in areas you need to focus on as an authority! Someone who understands the space between Pages and Stages as an expert who speaks and writes professionally.

Here’s a handful of my team, (some are shy, so not all are included here) but each is amazing and well tested and that’s over a long period of time and many joint projects together. We also have incredible specialists in character and dialogue development (great for memoirs and  parables), an award winning cover designer, fashion stylists in QLD and VIC, speaker (bureau/business) training and more. My VIP Clients get full access to my black book of tested specialists.

My VIP Coaching services often includes these people. 

You can listen to their podcast interviews by clicking their names  below.



For audio book, podcasting and all sound related projects.

Dave Stokes -

Sensational Sound Engineer, Author 2 Audio

An extraordinary videopgrapher who gets amazing insights into how authors are able to articulate their vision and stories!

Tanya McQueen

Videographer, McQueen Production

My go-to person for all things website related and the developer of websites for many of my clients.  Naadia is simply brilliant to work with.

Naadia Jackson-Amiga

Wordpress Wizard, Unique Solutions for Online Marketing

For outstanding author photos and so much more.  Louise dives into your soul and brings out your best personality for the camera and helps position you into who you are meant to be.  Not just another boring headshot!!!

Louise Williams

Branding Genuis with a Camera, Louise Williams Photography

Meet a few of my amazing clients…

Jessica Ritchie, AUS

Clarity to Make Your Mark

  • International Award Winning!
  • GOLD WINNER at International Independent Publisher Awards (IPPY) for Motivational & Spiritual
  • SILVER EVERGREEN at Living Now Awards for Spiritual Leadership
  • SILVER Ausmumpreneur Author of the Year


Dr Paul Harvey, AUS

The Plasticology Project

  • Finalist in the Australian Business Book Awards
  • Cover Design and Social Purpose categories
  • Amazon #1 Best Seller


Bronwyn Reid, AUS

Small Company Big Business & Small Company Big Crisis

  • Bronze Stevie Award Winner – Thought Leadership
  • Finalist and Winner ABBA Awards 2020 / 2021
  • Amazon #1 Best Seller


Adam Houlahan, AUS

Linkedin Playbook &  Influencer

  • Multiple Amazon #1 Best Seller
  • Linkedin Legend


Bernie Landels, UK

Finding Their Feet

  • Amazon #1 Best Seller
  • Has become internationally known as ‘The Foot Lady’ … and more


Reiner Petek CSP, Germany

Masters of Uncertainty (Bi-Lingual De/En)

  • Award winning mountaineer
  • Leadership Legend
  • Amazon #1 Best Seller


Rod Large, NZ

Culture of Modern Leadership & Solution Oriented Selling

  • International Sales / Leadership trainer
  • Industry and Amazon Best Seller

Whether you think you need a ghost writing service or to write your book yourself, we

Start With the Draft by creating a great book plan, and go from there. 

If you’re ready to explore working with me and my team, then book a time
for a conversation about your book project.

CLICK HERE to make a time to talk…